Man defends apartment against robbers: seriously injured


Updated November 29, 2020, 4:09 pm

Berlin (dpa / bb) – A 29-year-old was seriously injured in a brutal robbery in Berlin-Mitte on Sunday night.

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When the man opened the door to the apartment, he was said to have been threatened with a knife and hit in the face, the police said on Sunday. One of the robbers is said to have kicked him in the chest, causing him to go down. The police assumed that the trio had previously asked to enter on a pretext.

After two of the men had searched the man’s bedroom, the duo started to flee. According to the police, the resident grabbed the attacker’s knife and prevented him from escaping. The attacker and an accomplice are said to have hit the 29-year-old several times until he went down and called for help. After a brief persecution by the man, the robbers fled with two cell phones, according to the police. The 29-year-old came to hospital for inpatient treatment with a broken nose and cuts.
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