Many are always looking for a loophole


Berlin. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder has criticized the fact that some citizens repeatedly looked for loopholes in the applicable regulations in the corona pandemic. “My impression is that a lot of people are always looking for a loophole, for a parallel discussion,” said the CSU boss on Sunday evening on the ARD program “Anne Will”.

“If we now concentrate on how we can lower the numbers as best as possible and apply it as consistently as we can, then I think Christmas will be relaxed.” New Year’s Eve and skiing activities caused him more worry than Christmas anyway.

In the next two weeks we will see how the numbers develop. A partial all-clear could be given. There is no longer any exponential growth.

Conversely, however, there is also no downward movement. “In the next two weeks we will have to do another update on how we stand, and in case of doubt, make extending and deepening more in-depth.”

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