Marlene Lufen (breakfast television / Sat.1) loses control in the studio – bizarre reason


Sat.1 presenter Marlene Lufen freaks out completely in the “Breakfast TV” studio – and later justifies it completely bizarre.

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Sat.1 breakfast television presenter Marlene Lufen has always kept her composure. But now she completely freaked out in the TV studio.

Berlin – Different times, different customs: So one could also see the effects of the current one Corona-Pandemie describe. Much is simply not what it used to be. This includes going out at night, for example. Lots of people currently have to To dance do without in clubs or bars. Because of the persistent Lockdowns these locations must remain closed to protect against infection.

But where should you just let out your good mood and energy, if not while dancing with friends and strangers in a disco? During Corona times, you either have to move this home to your living room – or how Sat.1-Moderator Marlene Lufen to his Workplace. Which is not recommended for everyone to imitate! It obviously didn’t have any negative effects on her.

Marlene Lufen (breakfast TV / Sat.1) completely freaks out in the TV studio

“In the morning at half past four in Germany,” she titled her latest Video on Instagram based on the well-known commercial of the Knoppers waffle slices – which is only eaten “in the morning at half past ten”. So Marlene is already up four hours in advance, perfectly styled and obviously very, very fit. It is apparently just oozing energy. And then she just lets them out. How wildly she dances and hops to it 80er Song “Jump” by the recently deceased rock musician Eddie Van Halen im Sat.1-Studio. The reason for their freaking out is probably not immediately obvious to everyone.

Because why the 49-year-old simply lets the pig out at her workplace lies in hers Outfit justified: “Because I was wearing 80s pants“, She justifies herself afterwards under the recorded video. “What else should I do?” She asks herself and hers Follower. So it’s only her stylists to blame, who gave her these jeans. Marlene even took off her high heels for her dance moves. “So that you know what my 80s were like,” she calls out to her colleagues afterwards, completely out of breath. Yes, they can actually get a good picture of it. Behind the filming cell phone camera you can at least hear her laughing to pieces. It is the same with hers Fans celebrated.

Marlene Lufen (breakfast television / Sat.1) freaks out completely – fans celebrate her for it

“You are a Garnet“, “The Best“, “The Big Bang“, “The Hammer“And” Stay so refreshingly informal “it sounds from numerous The comments under their video. Some also seem to envy her morning energy. “So much Motivation I’d like to have it in the morning too, ”writes a user with a crying and a laughing emoji. And a lot of fans treat her to the flipper: “Yes, you have to have a little bit of fun“, Notes a follower. “When this whole pig is over, we should celebrate that too!“, Confirms another fan. The dance-mad presenter will certainly not say no to that. (jbr)

Most recently, Marlene Lufen had to cope with a difficult farewell and confessed to her fans in tears. ARD presenter Linda Zervakis was completely different.

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