Martin Hinteregger complains about the initial phase


The 3: 3 at Union Berlin left questions at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Is it a point won? Was it two lost counters? The Hessians weren’t sure.

Hinteregger criticizes Eintracht mistakes

“We made two mistakes and we conceded two goals – very simple,” said Martin Hinteregger, annoyed after Eintracht’s messed up initial phase. It was 0: 2 after just six minutes.

Individual mistakes and further, the Frankfurters stumbled in Berlin-Köpenick from one embarrassment to the other. Hinteregger himself let himself be duped by his opponent Taiwo Awoniyi on the penalty kick: “I know he made the hook, but I had a mistake in my thinking. That was not good.”

Despite all the justified self-criticism, Hinteregger correctly classified the overall situation of Eintracht: “We very often oversleep the first few minutes. I have no idea why that is. But we have to find a solution.”

Arrears are now the norm for the Frankfurters, who got twelve points in the middle. This season, Eintracht was behind in six of nine Bundesliga games.

The balance can be tightened even further over the years: Under coach Adi Hütter, the Frankfurters have fallen behind in 55 of 115 matches since he took office in August 2018.

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Eintracht conceded the 0: 1 too often

But what is the reason for this sleepiness?

In Berlin, Hinteregger personally experienced how close joys and sorrows are in football. After a catastrophic first 20 minutes, the left foot got stronger little by little, and in the end there was a rate of 71 percent won duels.

But it wasn’t the first mistake that the Austrian made this season. Hinteregger admitted: “As a defender, it is not worth much if you played badly for the first 20 minutes and then played well for 70 minutes.”

It is this crux that is currently causing harm to unity. Every mistake leads directly to a goal conceded, individual mistakes and sleepiness prevent a leap up in the table.

Hinteregger himself has been looking for top form for several weeks. The Austrian international has been feeling inhibited since his international break due to injury at the beginning of September.

Hinteregger is waiting for the first goal of the season

While Hinteregger was one of the most dangerous center-backs in Europe with nine goals last season, he is still waiting for a sense of achievement.

In top form, the 28-year-old is one of the players who bring the Champions League level with them. At the moment he is making too many mistakes and lacks the usual stability.

When the doorbell rings at the back of Eintracht, then the Carinthian-born is not far away in recent weeks.

Frankfurt lags behind expectations

After the 3: 3 in Berlin he only had clear words: “The result feels like a defeat.”

André Silva, for example, last spoke in an interview SPORT1 of his premier class dreams, in Hessenland the European cup longing is great.

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One thing is certain: Eintracht feels visibly uncomfortable in the middle of the table, currently in ninth place with twelve points. “If you have our ambitions, then the result is not enough. We need victories now,” demanded Hinteregger.

To do this, however, Eintracht must reduce its failure rate as quickly as possible. Otherwise there is a permanent gray Bundesliga mediocrity.

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