Mass culling of mink: Danish Prime Minister moved to tears


Mass culling of mink
Danish Prime Minister moved to tears

Denmark has all mink killed after a mutated variant of the coronavirus was discovered in some fur animals. Prime Minister Frederiksen apologizes to a breeder who loses his livelihood as a result. Meanwhile, the pathogen appears on a farm in another country.
The fate of the mink breeders in Denmark is also an issue for Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. The breeders should know that it is not their fault that all the animals have to be killed, said the head of government, visibly moved on a mink farm near Kolding. Close to tears, she reported about her emotional visit to the farm, where a father and his son would have to see the end of their life’s work within a very short time. “It wasn’t because of them, not because they would have been bad mink breeders. It’s because of Corona,” she said, as a recording on TV2 and DR showed.

In addition, according to the Ritzau news agency, Frederiksen apologized to the breeders. “I think there is a reason to apologize for the way things went. Mistakes were made and you have to be able to both regret that and be able to excuse it,” Frederiksen von Ritzau was quoted as saying.

However, she stuck to the decision that all fur animals had to be culled. Frederiksen announced on November 4 that all mink in the country should be killed because the coronavirus had mutated in the animals and had already been transmitted to humans. In particular, a mutated variant of the virus had been classified as worrying by the Danish health institute SSI because, according to the institute, it could have a possible impact on future corona vaccines.

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As it turned out, at the time of the announcement, the necessary legal basis was lacking for the mass cull. Food Minister Mogens Jensen only admitted this several days later. In the end he vacated his ministerial post. Millions of animals have already been slaughtered. As images from the Danish media showed, the bodies of hundreds of animals in a grave in the Jutland region came back to the surface due to gases expanding in their bodies. They should be covered with earth again.

First corona cases discovered in mink in Lithuania

The breeder and the Danish head of government walk through the empty farm – all animals have been killed.

(Photo: via REUTERS)

The coronavirus has already been detected in minks in several European countries – including on a fur farm in Lithuania. According to the state food and veterinary authority of the Baltic EU country, the virus was detected in 169 animals that had suddenly died. An additional examination of 22 other animals has confirmed the findings, said the authority in Vilnius. An employee of the affected farm in the Jonava region could have infected the animals.

Operating restrictions have been imposed by the veterinary office to prevent the virus from spreading. At the same time, the transport of animals, feed and other animal products from the affected mink farm was prohibited. In addition, almost 40 animals are to be culled, according to the notification from the authorities. According to the information, 60,000 animals are kept in the mink farm.

According to the Vilnius health authority, it is the first confirmed case of Sars-CoV-2 infection in animals in Lithuania. “We had no such cases before,” said spokesman Justina Petraviciene of the BNS agency. Lithuania with its almost three million inhabitants is currently severely affected by the pandemic.

In the past few weeks there have been cases of corona infections in mink in several European countries. Lithuania therefore imposed an import ban on live mink in mid-November. In Poland, the first findings of scientists who first detected a corona outbreak in mink on a fur farm in the country have not been confirmed, according to the Polish Ministry of Agriculture. As a precaution, Ireland announced the emergency slaughter of all mink in the country. There are three mink farms in Ireland with around 120,000 animals.

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