Media Markt collects Shitstorm because of Corona – customers are horrified by the photo


Media Markt received a lot of criticism on Facebook. Customers are outraged by a photo. In addition, a customer is puzzled by the statement made by an employee.

  • Media market has one on Facebook Shitstorm cashed.
  • Customers are appalled by a photo taken on Black Friday originated.
  • In addition, one is surprised customer about the testimony of a Media Markt employee.

Kassel – Keep enough distance and only go out to people for the bare essentials: The most important rules during the worldwide Corona-Pandemie are easy to implement – at least one should think. But it is well known that theory is not always practice. That proves a Photothat popped up on Facebook.

The snapshot shows a Media Markt branch filled with people. Customers stand side by side. The photographer complains Non-compliance the applicable Corona measures.

Black Friday: Media Markt customers stand side by side in a branch

“Clearly, there is no such thing and there are definitely too many for the shopping area – it’s a shame that people never check or look the other way,” writes the Media Markt customer on Facebook. The photo is apparently on Black Friday originated.

Somebody else had a similar experience Media Markt customer. The woman wanted to be on Black Friday according to their own information about the purchase price of a Cell phones to inform. “I called to find out what the S10 Plus or S20 FE will cost for Black Friday today,” the woman wrote in a Media Markt post Facebook. “I wanted to see if I could save on the prices that are in the online shop, because I would never order online anyway,” she continues.

Despite Corona rules: Customers are crowded in a Media Markt branch on Black Friday.

© Screenshot/Facebook

Media Markt collects Shitstorm on Black Friday on Facebook: “For me personally, a farmer’s trick”

A Media Markt employee would have her on Telephone advised that they are in a Media Markt branch should come – on the most popular shopping day of all things: the Black Friday. In addition, the customer could not have been told whether the same purchase price applies in all branches.

A no-go for women: “I don’t want to Coronazeiten unnecessarily shut down the shops ”. In addition, the customer only wanted to find out about the cell phone purchase price on Black Friday. Your conclusion at Facebook reads: “For me personally […] Farmer trapping in relation to the Black Friday!“

Only recently had Media market caused great annoyance among customers. The reason was a confession just before Black Friday. (Jan Wendt)

Heading image: © Bodo Marks / dpa

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