MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon are engaged in price wars


The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a high-end smartwatch that succeeds the popular Gear S3. As with Samsung smartphones, the price of the smart watch has not remained stable for long, but has fallen noticeably after a short time. A real price war broke out on Black Friday.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Smartwatch available cheaply

Update from November 27th, 2020: MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon have lowered the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch for Black Friday. They cost 149.14 euros each. But if you want to save even more, you can register for the newsletter at MediaMarkt and Saturn and receive an additional 10 euros discount. The two retailers easily outperform Amazon.

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Samsung has a real problem. No product is really stable in value. As soon as a Samsung device is on the market, the price begins to fall. This not only applies to new cell phones, but also to tablets and now also to smartwatches. You only have to wait a few weeks and the prices will drop.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch mit 42 mm

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 mm cost 309 euros when it was launched. In the meantime, the price at Saturn or MediaMarkt has fallen significantly. The smartwatch has become much more attractive.

Samsung Galaxy Watch mit 46 mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 mm and 46 mm in comparison. (Image source: GIGA)

The situation is similar with the Samsung Galaxy Watch with 46 mm, whose price at the market launch was 329 euros. The watch is now available for less than 200 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: What Makes the Smartwatch?

Compared to the Gear S3, Samsung has changed a lot with the Galaxy Watch. This time there is a smaller version and colors for women. The software has been improved, the watch is now even more suitable for swimming and the glass visibly reduces reflections so that the watch is easier to read outdoors. What else the watch can do, we show you in the following video:

Samsung Galaxy Watch: will the price drop further?

If you look at the price trend so far and take the Gear S3 as a model, then the price will definitely continue to decrease in the foreseeable future. How much and how quickly the price will fall is always difficult to say. The Gear S3 took a relatively long time to reach a price of less than 200 euros. The Galaxy Watch went a little faster because the price was set lower from the start.

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