Medical Association: Clinics in Bavaria are reaching their limits


The increasing number of Covid-19 patients is bringing hospitals in the Free State to their limit, according to the Marburg Federal Bavaria. The medical association refers to its own survey, according to which more than half of the clinic doctors stated that they had to restrict other treatments due to the large number of corona patients. The phased plan for hospital care announced by the state government must be implemented.

Here the Marburger Bund appeals to both the clinics to join in and at the same time to the politicians to send clear signals again to “postpone planned surgical interventions as far as they are not urgent according to an individual medical assessment”.

Marburger Bund: Hospitals must be relieved

If the admissions of Covid 19 patients continue to increase, the standard care will no longer be maintained to the usual extent, according to the Marburger Bund Bayern. Therefore, relief must be created for the burdened hospitals.

According to the survey, a third of the participants confirmed that the current staff is insufficient for the number of ICU beds available. The fact that more than half of the doctors are still of the opinion that they can continue to work in this way in the next four weeks is due to the high work ethic of those working in hospitals.

Corona patients occupy a quarter of Berlin’s intensive care beds

In Berlin, the warning value for intensive care beds was exceeded on Sunday for the first time since the introduction of the traffic light system. More than a quarter of these beds were occupied with Covid 19 patients. In the afternoon, however, the value fell slightly below this threshold at 24.2 percent, so that the traffic light now shows yellow instead of red.

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