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There is probably no doubt that Stefan Raab is a late night show legend. But now he could finally be inherited.

After Stefan Raab gave up his TV career in 2015, the search for a character who could inherit the entertainer took a long time. Prosieben immediately started a late night offensive and threw several names into the race: Enissa Amani, Faisal Kawuzi and other comedians who were on the rise at the time. But none of them came close to “TV Total” and were canceled after only a few episodes.

It wasn’t until 2018 that the Klaas Heufer circulation came close to the Raab quotas. With “Late Night Berlin” the joker was able to establish itself and now delivers a similar feeling every Monday as Stefan Raab once did.

But the show still couldn’t really go down well. Maybe it needs a new face after all? Raab could have discovered this in person. The name: Knossi.

From gambling to your own shows

On the Internet, the “King” is already a superstar. Although he is repeatedly criticized for his videos, this does not detract from his success. Trigger for the nasty comments: Knossis content is based on gambling. The Youtuber films himself trying out online casinos. And most of them seem to like it.

However, Knossi himself also knows that this poses a certain danger. In each of his videos, he emphasizes that his millions of viewers should definitely not play. Even his most ardent followers are slowly realizing that this is not enough for him. So he is slowly but surely distancing himself further and further from gambling. He tries to build up new pillars with his own internet shows, such as the “Angelcamp” or the “Talent Show”.

Soon the “King of TV”?

Now he could actually switch to television. Knossi recently received a call from Stefan Raab’s assistant. The request: The internet star is supposed to host his own late night show for the first time. The “King” explained that it had always been a dream of his and that he immediately agreed. At the same time, however, he said that you couldn’t compare the network with television: “Sometimes I stream up to eight hours here. I only had 45 minutes, but they have to be on point.”

Knossi admits that he couldn’t sleep for two days because he was so nervous. In Cologne, of all people, his idol calmed him down again: Showmaster Stefan Raab! The TV legend played the director for the show “Daily freshly roasted” and repeatedly gave Knossi important tips through the ear. The streamer last told his fans that he couldn’t believe it when he only heard how well he was going to do it.

After the broadcast, Raab even approached the Youtuber again to praise him and to say: “This is exactly how I always imagined my show”. The moderation of the show is said to have only been a one-time experience for the time being. You can watch the show itself on “TV Now”. However, Knossi makes it clear that he could imagine hosting his own late night show. It is therefore quite possible that the “King of the Internet” will soon become the “King of TV”.

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