Mein Schiff 2 Canaries: PCR test mandatory for children under 6


For all families with children under 6 years of age who wanted to take off on Mein Schiff 2 tomorrow, a moderate disaster has broken out. TUI Cruises is currently calling all booked guests that children now need a PCR test. Until now, children under six years of age did not need a test. However, the test window at Helios is now also closed. Some families are just rushing to various airports and trying to do an express PCR test with the children on site.

The Spanish government recently changed the PCR test regulations, that was November 12th, 2020 with a new law. Rapid antigen tests were also possible in advance. With this change it is now also the case that children under six years of age are no longer allowed to enter the country if they do not have a PCR test. This was evidently neglected in customer communication. You can only get the QR code for entry if you click “yes” when asked whether a PCR test is available for children under six years of age. Otherwise there is no QR code for this person, which is absolutely necessary for entry.

On November 23, 2020, TUI Cruises informed the guests about the new compulsory tests, but made no mention of the fact that this also affects all children. There is also no explicit indication in the regulations on the website that children also have to be tested.

Now the reports from families that have been contacted are piling up, some do not have the opportunity to catch up on a test quickly, another part is in the car and drives to the airport.

TUI Cruises wants to rebook the guests who cannot travel with them free of charge. However, extra costs such as seat reservations are not covered. However, TUI Cruises will reimburse the extra test at the airport, if you can still do one.

The Spanish law of November 12th, 2020 on the new compulsory test does not exclude children and speaks of all guests, here is the excerpt:

Any passenger from a country or risk zone listed in Appendix II who intends to enter Spain must have a diagnostic test for active infection (hereinafter: PDIA) for SARS-CoV-2 with a negative result for the seventy-two hours before arriving in Spain.

As part of the document control carried out at the entry points, the passenger can be requested at any time to accredit the result of the PDIA. The supporting document must be the original, written in Spanish and / or English and can be submitted in paper or electronic form.

The document contains at least the following information: name of the traveler, passport number or national identification document or letter (which must match the one used on the health check-up form), date of the test, identification and contact details of the center performing the analysis, technique used and negative test result .

The supported PDIA for SARS-CoV-2 is PCR (COVID-19 RT-PCR). As long as the harmonized use is not accepted in the European Union, other diagnostic tests such as rapid antibody tests, rapid antigen tests or high-performance serologies (ELISA, CLIA, ECLIA) will not be accepted.

Exceptionally, the non-fulfillment of the PDIA at the place of origin, regardless of the passenger’s country of origin, may be permitted.Seafarers who are returning from their campaign on board a ship or in transit to Spain in order to board or disembark justify their status as a crew member and the obstacles to the implementation, without prejudice to the application of the provisions of section six of this resolution.


There is also a regulation of the Canary Islands that says:

Since November 14, 2020, all national and international visitors who are older than 6 years and want to stay in a tourist facility in the Canary Islands (hotels, holiday apartments, holiday homes, etc.) are obliged to pass a negative diagnostic test for COVID-19 when checking To be presented in the accommodation.

Here children under 6 years of age are excluded, but this refers exclusively and only to the accommodation in the Canary Islands, not to the entry, which is regulated by Spanish law.

ATTENTION: This also applies to ALL FUTURE TRIPS to the Canary Islands.

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