Melania Trump: First Lady wants to make a clear statement – and that goes wrong


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Donald Trump and Republicans are not known for their closeness to the LGBTQ community. But Melania Trump apparently wanted to make a statement. It was prevented.

  • First Lady Melania Trump has unexpected plans for that White House.
  • So she wants wife from US-Präsident Donald Trump their solidarity with the LGBTQ-Community express.
  • But the First Lady was prevented from doing their thing.

Washington – Nationals of LGBTQ-Community know that the government under Donald Trump does not really shine with progress, openness and the commitment to the rights of queer people. Still should Melania Trump tried to open the White House in June 2020, on the occasion of the LGBTQ Pride Months to shine in rainbow colors. This should be a statement for the rights and acceptance for LGBTQs (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer). However, she was prevented from doing so.

Melania Trump and her husband Donald. (Archive photo)

© Chip Somodevilla / AFP

Melania Trump and LGBTQ: First Lady wanted to make the White House shine

Apparently, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows prevented any sign of solidarity like that LGBTQ– News portal “Washingtonblade” reports. The portal relies on two sources from among the Republicans who supported the plans Melania Trumps should have known. Meadows is said to have played a key role in showing solidarity with the people LGBTQ-Community prevent. So also in June 2020, which is why President Donald Trump did not send a signal of support via Twitter, as he did in 2019. At that time, Trump spoke of the “outstanding contributions” that the LGBTQ-Community for the USA. However, it is unclear how great Meadows involvement in preventing the illumination of the White house played a role, according to the Washingtonblade.

Melania Trump showed their support for the LGBTQCommunity only months later, shortly before the 2020 US election. On a video for Outspoken, she said, “I was shocked that some powerful people are calling my husband anti-gay or accusing him of not advocating for equality. Nothing could be less true. Donald loves helping people and he loves that those around him and this country are successful. ”Her statement contrasts with the long list of anti-LGBTQ-Decisions made by the Trump-Administration were taken, such as the prohibition for LGBTQ-People to join the US military.

The White House shone in rainbow colors under President Obama on June 26, 2015. Melania Trump is also said to have had plans for it. (Archive photo)

© Molly Riley/AFP

First Lady Melania Trump: break with the US Republicans?

Had first lady Melania Trump If their venture had been successful, it would have been the first time that a building had been painted in the colors of the Obama administration LGBTQ-Community would have been illuminated. The sign would also have meant a break with the traditional attitudes of Republicans who support the LGBTQ-Community have hitherto viewed with aversion. (Marvin Ziegele)

Rubriklistenbild: © Chip Somodevilla / AFP

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