Memory of shock moment: Samuel Koch still remembers this from his fall at “Wetten, dass …?”


Updated November 30, 2020, 7:24 a.m.

  • Samuel Koch thinks back to his fall ten years ago when he appeared on “Wetten, dass …?”
  • His memory ends seconds before impact.
  • Today the actor doesn’t want to be seen as a fall victim, but for his achievements.

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As Samuel Koch on December 4th, 2010 at “Wetten, dass …” occurred, he fell in a somersault. He fell on a car driven by his father with terrible consequences: Samuel’s neck was broken four times, since then he has been paraplegic.

Nevertheless, Koch managed to overcome the bad times and build a new, happy life for himself. The 33-year-old is now married to his great love and acting colleague Sarah to the permanent ensemble at the Nationaltheater Mannheim and continues to train as a director. In an interview with “Bild”, Samuel only vaguely remembers his accident.

Samuel Koch: “Hundreds of thousands of other people are not granted a birthday like this”

“But what I do know is that I forgot my favorite training jacket in the ZDF cloakroom and failed to pick it up after my performance,” the actor initially looks back with gallows humor. “Otherwise my memory of the evening ends a few seconds before the impact.”

This may be due to the strong medication he was taking at the time, Koch continues, who adds: “Maybe the brain protects you by forgetting. Let me put it this way: It wasn’t exactly the best day of my life. “

However, you could also look at the whole thing from a different perspective: “Since I could have been dead after this four-fold neck break, you can my survival also as a kind of second birthday see. Hundreds of thousands of other people are not granted such a birthday. ”

“Reluctantly the man who was involved in, Wetten, dass ..? ‘ fell on the face “

When asked whether Samuel Koch is still looking at pictures or videos of the fall today, he replies: “I haven’t done it for a long time. Most recently nine years or so ago. To analyze why I did not succeed in this very easy jump. “Samuel adds dryly:” But now, for the anniversary, to celebrate the day, so to speak, I could maybe watch it again. “

For the future, Koch on his own behalf “would prefer if people see my face and it at some point combine with good acting and not with the caustic wheelchair“. For him it is clear:” I am reluctant to be the man who was at the ‘Wetten, dass ..?’ fell on the face. ”
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