Merkel in the Bundestag: “Winter will be difficult, but it will end”


Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has explained the next steps in the corona pandemic in the Bundestag. At the outset, she made it clear that the measures that had already been imposed for early November were appropriate, necessary and proportionate. They are a first, but not yet sustainable, success, said Merkel.

The Chancellor emphasized that the number of cases was still too high. In addition, the number of people who need intensive care is growing. “We must be concerned about that.”

Merkel admitted that the adopted and new measures meant hardship and aroused fears of existence. That is why it is so important for the federal government to spend billions of euros in order to mitigate the economic consequences.

No Christmas of loneliness

Merkel emphasized that the many people who belong to the corona risk group cannot “be taken out of the public domain” in order to protect them. After all, it is about 27 million people in Germany who are having a very, very difficult time. You shouldn’t just think about your own family, said Merkel. That is why it is so important that each individual act responsibly.

As for New Year’s Eve, she appealed to the common sense. The federal government recommends refraining from private fireworks, even if fireworks are not generally prohibited.

Schools and daycare centers should remain open as possible

As far as schools are concerned, Merkel explained that the obligation to wear a mask has been tightened, at least where the number of cases is particularly high, namely with over 200 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days: “We cannot pretend that older students are make no contribution to the infection process. ”

The Chancellor praised the new control strategy for the education sector: If there is a Corona case in a class, all classmates should be in isolation for five days. After that, rapid antigen tests are done to determine who can and cannot go back to school.

Stand up for one another

Angela Merkel urgently repeated the appeal that she had already made to the Germans: namely, to stand up for one another more than ever. “If we take that to heart, we will come out of the crisis.” The Chancellor ended her remarks with the words: “Winter will be difficult, but it will end.”

Vote on Vice-Presidents of Parliament

The plenary then votes on two proposals for the election of parliamentary vice-presidents. The SPD proposal – the East German Dagmar Ziegler, as the successor to the late Thomas Oppermann – should pass without any problems.

This is less likely with the candidate of the AfD, Harald Weyel. The AfD has so far failed with every suggestion for the vice-president. After guests of the party were noticed last week by disruptive actions in the Bundestag, the differences with the other parliamentary groups have increased.

Bundestag wants 20,000 new jobs for elderly care

In addition, the Bundestag is voting on a bill aimed at strengthening health care and nursing care. Among other things, the financing of 20,000 additional jobs in geriatric care and an additional cash injection of five billion euros for the statutory health insurances due to the Corona crisis are planned.

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