Michael Wendler railed on Telegram: “I’ve lost millions”


Michael Wendler and Laura Müller: The two live in the USA and have built a life together there. Bild: imago images/ Future Image

Wendler railed: “I lost millions in advertising contracts”

Michael Wendler caused a big bang at the beginning of October: He announced his “DSDS” -off and justified his decision with crude allegations about the Corona measures. Since then, he has kept his over 100,000 Telegram followers up to date with questionable theses about an alleged fake pandemic and alleged election fraud in the USA.

His “apology video” from early November also quickly turned out to be a cheat number. “I commented on the media and accused of conformity. I have to revise that a bit,” he said at the time and continued to apologize to RTL, the broadcaster that planned so many big things with him and Laura. In addition, the hit man said: He was not a conspiracy theorist or an aluminum hat wearer, but rather a corona realist or a pandemic measure skeptic. But Wendler continues to spread conspiracy myths on Telegram.

Now the 48-year-old has explained in a voice message on his Telegram channel why he does not row back and would behave this way again and again. The “don’t care” interpreter also comments on the dramatic consequences.

Michael Wendler sticks to his statements and speaks of “millions” that he has lost

The Wendler uses a voice message to respond to the consequences that have brought him his siblings around Corona. The musician explains:

Like many conspiracy myths, Wendler believes that only he and his like-minded people have recognized the “truth”.

He says: “I don’t want to live in a world like this, and that’s why I spoke out, that’s why I raised my voice, that’s why I criticized the federal government, criticized the media.” By the way, at the end he notes: “I would do it again and again.” To the chagrin of Laura Müller, because his loved one has not only lost numerous advertising contracts, Her manager Markus Krampe also ended the collaboration with her.

Krampe explained his decision as follows: “The current situation and Laura not taking a clear position on Michael Wendler’s statements / postings force me to make this decision.” He and many others would certainly have hoped that they would position themselves more clearly or distance themselves from Michael’s statements. But that’s exactly what she doesn’t do, but rather posts feel-good content from her personal Christmas bakery.


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