Microsoft is working on an Android subsystem for Windows 10


As various media reports have now revealed, Microsoft is working on a subsystem that is very similar to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and which should enable Android applications to run under Windows 10. In the next major update, the subsystem named “Project Latte” is to be implemented in Windows 10 and offered via the Microsoft Store via MSIX package format.

The biggest hurdle at the moment is the requirement for the graphical user interface of Android apps. With the release of WSL 2, Microsoft began to work on WSL Graphics Architecture in parallel, which is able to use the integrated Wayland display server Run Linux GUI apps directly in the Windows 10 user interface. This makes it theoretically possible to virtualize and run the Android system and apps directly under Windows 10. It is quite unlikely that this new subsystem will support Google Play as Google will not allow this service to be installed on non-native Android or ChromeOS devices.

A corresponding implementation would make perfect sense, because with a market share of around 70% for mobile devices – and in contrast to iOS – an open app ecosystem, it would be an advantage to integrate Android support directly into Windows 10.

Microsoft’s project is not new, however, the software giant tried a long time ago with Projekt Astoria to bring Android and Windows together, but failed because of the implementation and complexity.

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