Millionth heat pump in Germany


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(29.11.2020) In Germany, the millionth heat pump should be put into operation this year. On the one hand an important milestone for the industry, on the other hand the number is put into perspective in view of a total of 21 million heating systems. “In order to stay on track in terms of climate protection, we would have to have made the next million in two years,” hopes Dr. Martin Sabel, Managing Director of the German Heat Pump Association (BWP).

50 years to the first million

The road to the millionth heat pump in Germany is long and not easy: in 1968 Klemens Oskar Waterkotte installed the first ground-coupled system in his garden. Rumor has it that he has to build a dummy chimney in order to get a building permit. Following …

A climate protection program with a CO₂ price, renewed adjustment of the funding guidelines and growing environmental awareness on the part of builders and modernizers should finally really get the market going. The new funding conditions since the beginning of this year have already resulted in a sales increase of around 30% in 2020 compared to the previous year. At least that is what estimated BAFA figures suggest – see also articles …

“One in a Million”: Anniversary competition honors showcase objects from one million heat pumps

It is difficult to determine which heat pump is THE MILLIONST this year. The BWP has therefore started a competition and selected ten showcase objects from the participants, which have been available since last week on the association’s social media channels and at the 18th Heat Pump Forum on November 15th. were presented. More information on the winning objects and other showpiece objects from a million heat pumps can also be found in the reference database of the Federal Association of Heat Pumps.

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