Misfortune on the market in Halle (Saale): man is in mortal danger after a tram accident


Halle (Saale) –

On Sunday morning there was a serious traffic accident on the market square. In the area of ​​the tram stop in front of the Marktschlösschen, a 48-year-old man got under a tram and was in mortal danger. According to MZ information, the victim is said to be a well-known drinker in the city.

As the police only became aware of in the late afternoon, the man is no longer in mortal danger.

The man is said to have tried to cross the street in the dome area between two trams. He was injured in the head and legs and taken to a hospital. The confirmed police spokesman Alexander Junghans. Whether the man was drunk is currently being checked.

The train driver hadn’t noticed that the man was between the cars when she set off. A passenger from the rear wagon triggered the emergency brake after a few meters. However, by then the victim had already been dragged along a few meters.

In order to recover it, the fire brigade had to lift the tram briefly with a lifting bag. The tram driver suffered a shock and is being looked after by an emergency chaplain.

Tram traffic in this area was interrupted for about 90 minutes. The fire brigade was on site with several vehicles. An ambulance, several radio patrol cars and an ambulance were also on duty. The overhead line voltage was switched off. (mz)

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