Mode and scoring – parallel races in Lech: you have to know that – sport


Mode and scoring – parallel races in Lech: you have to know that – Sport – SRF

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The only two parallel races in the 2020/21 Ski World Cup will take place on Thursday (women) and Friday (men).

This year there are only 2 parallel races in the World Cup calendar. These take place on Thursday and Friday in Lech, Austria. We explain how this special form of competition works this season:

  • The knockout races start with the round of sixteen (previously: the sixteenth finals).
  • There are (again) 2 runs per lap. Each driver completes the blue and the red course once.
  • In the morning (from 10:00 a.m.) the qualification takes place. The qualifying ranking defines the “seeding list” for the knockout races (from 5:45 pm).

Live notice

On Thursday, SRF will broadcast the women’s knockout runs from 5:35 p.m. live. The next day we will also show the men’s race in Lech live.

  • The best 16 of the qualifiers reach the knockout runs. The drivers in the qualifying ranks 17 to 30 have been eliminated, but receive World Cup points (analogous to a normal race). The 31st and 32nd will no longer receive any points.
  • The maximum time lag after the 1st run is 0.5 seconds.

The nine-strong Swiss women’s squad is led by Wendy Holdener and Lara Gut-Behrami. The men are missing Marco Odermatt, Justin Murisier and Loïc Meillard, who have corona.

The Swiss contingent in Lech

Men: Tanguy Nef, Gino Caviezel, Marco Reymond, Semyel Bissig, Sandro Simonet, Cédric Noger, Daniele Sette.

Women: Wendy Holdener, Lara Gut-Behrami, Andrea Ellenberger, Priska Nufer, Rahel Kopp, Jasmina Suter, Camille Rast, Simone Wild, Carole Bissig.

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