Moderator Angela Finger-Erben replaced? Now RTL speaks plain language


Angela-Finger-Erben: She has been working for RTL since 2006. Image: TVNOW

Moderator Angela Finger-Erben replaced? Now RTL speaks

Angela Finger-Erben can look back on a long career at RTL. In 2006 she joined the family of channels. At that time she was still working on “Exclusiv – Das Starmagazin”. Since 2019 she has hosted “Temptation Island” or “Prince Charming – The Great Reunion”. She also hosted the final program at the “Summer House of the Stars”, in which the celebrity couples reviewed the scandalous events.

Recently, however, there has been repeated criticism – for example from “Sommerhaus” candidate Lou – that the moderator directed the content with her questions in only one direction. The fans also vented their anger about it. Against this background, a personnel decision by the broadcaster is particularly surprising. Because in the future Lola Weippert will take over two formats from finger heirs. RTL has now explained to watson what is behind it.

RTL: “We never communicated that she was giving a moderation”

Lola Weippert has just been announced as the new face on TVNow. The 24-year-old will replace Angela Finger’s heirs on “Temptation Island” and will also host the reunion show for “Prince Charming”. The broadcast will be available on the streaming portal on December 14th. Lola is less well known because she worked in radio before her TV career. “I left my radio job behind because it has always been my goal to act as a presenter in front of a camera at some point”, so the new RTL face.

The broadcaster explains to watson why this personnel change was made:

“Angela has several other formats and she also moderated ‘Temptation VIP’ very well. We never communicated that she was moderating. Angela has always had numerous other formats on RTL that are always on, such as Example ‘Best of’. We just communicated Lola as the new TVNow face and announced the first two moderations. ‘Temptation 3’ has already been shot. As a comparison, ‘Paradise Hotel’ 1 and 2 were also made by two different moderators . “

Angela Finger-Erben can soon be seen on “Ninja Warrior”. Image: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

Accordingly, there is no special background for the mother of two children to concentrate on other projects as usual. They also have other formats that they serve. Finally, RTL declares that it will be part of the celebrity special “Ninja Warrior Germany” on December 13th.

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