Monika Gruber raves about her long-distance relationship


She is powerful, eloquent, never at a loss for an answer – only when it comes to her love life does a star cabaret artist keep herself up Monika Gruber (49) gladly back. All that is known is that she has been happy with the Austrian Red Bull racing manager since 2018 Thomas everywhere is. In the WDR show “Klner Treff” she gave a little insight into their relationship for once.

Star cabaret artist Monika Gruber: “Humor is the only weapon”

In times of the Corona crisis, Monika Gruber cannot understand the unreasonable behavior of many Germans.

Monika Gruber is part of the new “Tatort: ‚Äč‚ÄčKehraus” in Munich

Monika Gruber about her boyfriend: “I’m blind, he’s deaf”

“See you every weekend,” she said of their long-distance relationship. “It’s terrific, it keeps the relationship fresh.” The Gruberin, who described herself as a bit “quirky and peculiar”, looks forward to every weekend: “It’s always like getting to know each other. It’s really great.” She added cheekily: “The secret of our relationship is that my husband hears a little badly. He doesn’t hear everything I say. I’m blind, he’s deaf.”

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