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The newest member of the Monsieur Cuisine family, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Silvercrest, is described by testers as an almost perfect – but much cheaper – Thermomix clone. The device will be available from November 29th. again in the Lidl online shop and on November 30th. also in the branches. We grabbed the apron and tested the food processor bargain. **

I like cooking. And not that bad either. At least the standard dishes. However, I rarely dare to try more elaborate recipes, everyday life is too turbulent for that, the risk that something could go wrong is too great and big children’s eyes look at me sadly because they don’t get anything to eat. No, I prefer to stick to the standard recipes that I master and that make as little effort as possible … And then Monsieur Cuisine came into my life …

Family savings tip

I had flirted with a food processor for a long time, but I was far too stingy for a Thermomix, after all, I got along quite well without a machine. But when I was offered Monsieur Cuisine for testing, I accepted. Because not only did the food processor promise to save time (much less washing up!), I also thought that my palate (and that of my family) might also enjoy dishes that I wouldn’t cook that way. So my first food processor moved in with me.

My food processor can do everything!

When Monsieur Cuisine arrived at my place, the surprise was quite big: the package was a lot bigger and heavier than I had expected. In my mind’s eye, I had our – albeit quite compact – kitchen in mind, in which there would never be room for such a large kitchen appliance. However, my fears were allayed when I unpacked the Monsieur Cuisine. Because it was above all the many accessories that made the package appear so massive. Once unpacked and set up, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect still needs its place, but even in our small kitchen there was still a place for the smart food processor. But now the banter is over, now it’s down to the nitty-gritty – or rather the boiled, baked and steamed:

The Monsieur Cuisine Plus (left) and the Monsieur Cuisine Connect (right) in comparison

My new sous chef comes with detailed instructions, which, however, intimidate me, so I decide to simply skip this step and start working on the device myself. And what can i say That was exactly the right decision, because the smart touch display gives me a little introduction at the beginning that explains the most important points and functions. And for the rest there is the intelligent cooking assistant, which leads me through the preparation step by step. But before I continue my enthusiasm for the CookingPilot, probably the best kitchen helper since Rémy, the gourmet rat from “Ratatouille”, a little look at the hard facts of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect: tested

The kitchen machine with stainless steel mixing bowl and integrated scale also comes with a steamer attachment with a flat cooking insert, as well as a measuring beaker, mixer, spatula and cooking insert. There are three automatic programs: kneading (preparation of heavy yeast dough with up to 500 g flour), steaming (automatic heating for gentle cooking with steam) and searing (brief roasting at up to 130 ° C).

Like its predecessor, the Monsieur Cuisine Plus, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect also has suction cups that give it a secure stand. The integrated WLAN function is new, with which recipes can be loaded directly onto the food processor free of charge. This function now leads us to my new favorite kitchen helper: The CookingPilot enables guided cooking through the recipe function, which guides you through the recipe step by step. This is particularly practical for two reasons: On the one hand, it brings variety to the kitchen, as the guided cooking makes preparation a lot easier and thus takes away the reverence for more elaborate dishes. On the other hand, the CookingPilot is perfect for food processor newbies like me, who are still a little overwhelmed by the many functions of the machine.

In addition to its own functions, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect also comes with a lot of very cool and useful accessories:

Rocket, goat cheese and walnut risotto – without much stirring or chopping

Now it’s time to cook – kitchen help included

For example: I chose a one-pot recipe for my first dish. Because the less washing up the better, right? I should prepare three shallots for my rocket risotto. I was reluctant to pull out the knife to cut the onion when my friendly helper, the CookingPilot, reminded me that he can do it for me. Lo and behold: after 15 seconds the shallots were chopped up – without tears.

Monsieur Cuisine was also a perfect sous chef for me in the next step. The shallots should now be seared until translucent. Personally, I would probably have been a bit at a loss now: which period should I set? What temperature Turn left? Turn right? Maybe I would even have pulled out the pan to complete the step. But no, the CookingPilot was once again my savior in an emergency. Because it automatically set all the functions that I needed for the next step. I admit, I didn’t quite trust him and therefore stood next to the device for a few minutes to watch the onions sizzle.

but what should I say? Monsieur Cuisine did the whole thing better than I usually do with the pan (usually onions only have two cooking levels: raw or black).

Practical: If I would prefer my shallots to be coal-black instead of glassy next time, I can adjust the recommended settings myself. Compared to the previous model, the recipes seem to have been designed to be more time-saving: the container no longer has to be emptied and cleaned every second step.

Over 100 recipes are already saved – there are even more online!

One more thing about the recipes: The selection is good and there are many dishes that children will also enjoy. Most of the time, the recipes are designed for four people, which is ideal for families with two to three children. The capacity of the food processor is also geared to around four people with three liters of cooking volume. A small drawback for me: I would have liked more vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The machine’s user interface is very intuitive. The functions are easy to navigate and select. Two errors have crept in, for example the wrong cover sheet is displayed on a recipe, but this is more of a luxury problem that can be easily solved with software updates that can fix errors in the future or introduce new functions.

** Note: The editorial team was given the product for testing free of charge. This had no impact on the reporting.

Nicole Metz

My conclusion

Admittedly, if you don’t just want to rely on the esteemed CookingPilot and cook your own recipes, it takes some getting used to. It takes a while to get a rough idea of ​​which setting leads to which result. It pays off to take another look at the detailed instructions or to rummage through the supplied cookbook or app.

Should I have to find negative points, then maybe this: The Monsieur Cuisine Connect has a scale that is integrated in the blender jug. This is really practical, only the weighing works with a little time delay. So it’s better to add the ingredients a little more slowly so that the 100 grams of flour don’t suddenly turn into 150 grams. Another small minus point: The mixing bowl has no handle and is relatively heavy, so it is a bit cumbersome if you have to transfer something, for example.

A shortcoming that I wanted to list, but which then took care of itself: The first cleaning was a bit tedious, as you cannot remove the knife insert – at least I thought until after the first use, when I noticed that it was Insert can be easily removed using a lever on the back. Here, too, Monsieur Cuisine proves to be an extremely practical companion.

The main differences to the Thermomix are in the price (the Vorwerk model is almost 1,000 euros more expensive than the Monsieur Cuisine), otherwise the two devices don’t take much. The performance of the Monsieur Cuisine is slightly less than that of the Thermomix, but it is perfectly adequate for everyday use.

With our morning smoothie made from two frozen bananas and 300 grams of frozen berries, Monsieur Cuisine definitely got along easily. I (and my family!) Don’t want to miss our Monsieur Cuisine anymore.

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