More than 50 forest fires are raging in Australia


An extreme heat wave has caused the worst bush fires since the devastating 2019/20 season.

After an extreme heat wave over the weekend, the worst bush fires since the devastating 2019-2020 season raged in eastern Australia. In total, the fire brigade had to fight more than 50 forest fires, the authorities announced on Monday.

This was preceded by two days with temperatures sometimes exceeding 40 degrees in the state of New South Wales with the capital Sydney. Strong winds with speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour also fanned the flames.

According to meteorologists, Sunday night was the hottest recorded in Sydney since records began. The temperatures sometimes didn’t drop below 25.4 degrees. On the late Sunday there was finally a cooling: Within 20 minutes, parts of the metropolis suddenly cooled by 10 degrees. However, the fire brigade reported that there was a high risk of further fires, especially on Tuesday.

Fire disaster a year ago

Devastating bush fires had devastated more than twelve million hectares of land in six of Australia’s eight states and territories from August 2019 to March 2020. More than 30 people and countless animals were killed.

Just a few weeks ago, the new climate report from the Australian science authority Csiro and the meteorological authority BOM showed that Australia is warming more than the Earth’s average. According to the experts, the country will have to deal with more and more extreme weather situations and forest fires in the future.


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