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Since her father was elected US President in 2016, daughter Ivanka Trump has lived with her husband Jared Kushner and their three children near Washington DC

But that time is now over – and American media are speculating about how things will go on for Ivanka Trump and her family.

The New York Times, for example, extensively blasphemed about how unwelcome they were in Washington – and how they can no longer really return to the social circles they once belonged to in New York.

The “Vanity Fair” also prints the guest contribution by Ivanka’s best childhood friend, Lysandra Ohrstrom. In it, she describes how Ivanka no longer fits into – in her opinion – “good society” because she is politically close to Trump.

Because the US capital Washington DC is anything but a stronghold of Trump voters. On the contrary, Donald Trump only received an extremely small share of the vote in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Similar in New York and especially Manhattan: There lives the liberal, cosmopolitan elite, which Trump despises both politically and personally.

The last proof of the cold wind that Ivanka’s family hits: Most recently, Ivanka’s children were bullied from school by the parents of their classmates. The reason for this was that Ivanka and Jared attended the nomination ceremony for Chief Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the Rose Garden of the White House in early October – an event that later turned out to be a corona superspreader event, in which rows of employees from the Trump Government infected with Covid-19.

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and their two sons Theodore (4) and Joseph (7)Photo: HANNAH MCKAY / Reuters

But if the family can’t live in Washington and New York, options remain. After all, the Trumps and the Kushners also have other properties: for example in Bedminster, New Jersey, where they have renovated a “cottage” on their property over the past few years – and documented it on Instagram.

Now two more bedrooms, a study and a porch on the first floor are to be added so that the “hut” can compete more closely with the $ 5 million house in which they lived in Washington (rent: $ 15,000 per month). There are also plans for five more such “huts”, each with over 450 square meters, and a wellness complex, as reported by the “New York Times”.

But what will Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner do professionally? The “New York Times” speculated extensively on this as well – albeit without committing itself.

Thanks to the wealth of Jared Kushner’s family, there is hardly a lack of business opportunities – but it seems questionable whether Ivanka will restart her earlier fashion and handbag collection. Real estate seems to be more of an option. After all, this is the core business of both the Kushner dynasty and the Trump family.

Former Trump confidants also trust Ivanka to continue doing politics: She is popular both with the Trump-friendly Republican base and with the former party establishment around personalities such as Jeb Bush or Nikki Haley.

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