Muesli recall in Germany: serious health complications threaten


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Contaminated sesame from India is currently causing problems for the German food industry. Now there is a recall concerning a supposedly healthy meal: muesli.

  • In Germany and other countries it happens Food contamination through residues.
  • The reason are deliveries of sesame, the traces of one carcinogenic pesticides having.
  • For this reason, a north German organic company has to have one Muesli recall to launch.

Bremen / Munich – In the past few weeks, food recalls have been making the rounds referring to a hazard contaminated sesame seeds based. Another message has now been added: The All Hof Manufacturing has to put four different types of muesli from the range on sale. Reason: “preventive consumer protection”, as the company based in Bremen has announced.

Muesli recall due to food contamination – pesticides pose a cancer risk

The sesame as an important ingredient of the affected muesli varieties with the flavors base, fruit, chocolate and nut exceeds the limit value permitted in Germany Pesticide ethylene oxide. The products were also delivered in neighboring Switzerland.

Affected by that Muesli recall at Allos Hof-Manufaktur are the following Food of the range:

  • Allos Amaranth Basis Müsli 1.5 kg – Best before date: 02.10.2021
  • Allos Amaranth Fruit Muesli 1.5 kg – Best before date: 09.10.2021
  • Allos Amaranth Schoko Müsli 1,5 kg – Best before date: 01.10.2021
  • Allos Amaranth Nut Muesli 375 g – Best before date: 23.09.2021

To what extent can the disputed sales products cause damage? The Pesticide ethylene oxide is poisonous and produces a long-term if inhaled Cancer risk. The short-term symptoms are described as headache, dizziness, nausea and, in worse cases, twitching, convulsions and even a comatose state.

Muesli recall of different varieties – Europe flooded with carcinogenic sesame seeds

The portal also reports that, among other things, Europe has been “flooded” by a large amount of Indian sesame seeds that have been contaminated with the pesticide since summer 2020. The Muesli products of the Allos Hof-Manufaktur have to be called back, although the sesame seeds are only contained in a maximum of 2.7 percent in the cereals mentioned.

Do buyers of other Allos Hof Manufaktur products have to worry too? Not at all, the company asserts and apologizes for the circumstances. Customers who have purchased one of the problematic foods can return them to the respective shops – even without receipt. The purchase price will then be refunded. If you have further questions about the problem, you can email the manufacturer: [email protected]

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