MvG wins the final against Mervyn King


What a final thriller!

In a finale that can hardly be surpassed in terms of drama, Mervyn King forces the decider, but then Michael van Gerwen has to admit defeat.

It was only for the second time in the history of the Players Championship Final that the final had to be decided in the decider. In 2011 it was Phil Taylor and Gary Anderson who went the full distance. At that time the English had the better end for themselves.

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That evening, however, luck should not be with the English again. However, “The King” can’t blame itself. He made MvG sweat from the start and quickly took a 3-1 lead – thanks to two high finishes.

It was clear to Van Gerwen early on that he would have to deliver a top performance in this final.

MvG wobbles at the checkouts

And he did. The two went back and forth with high finishes here and there. King had the significantly lower three-way average than MvG (104.98) with 99.78 points, but conjured up an outstanding checkout rate on the board with 62.5 percent (MvG: 37.93 percent).

But in the end, the Dutchman had the better end for himself and won the dress rehearsal for the World Cup in December for the sixth time. The Dutchman suddenly catapulted himself back into the role of favorite for Ally Pally, after he seemed far from his performance this year.

Before the tournament in Ricoh, he could only win one major in 2020 with the UK Open.

Bitter for King: It was his first TV finale in six years. If the 54-year-old had won the title, he would also have secured a record. No PDC professional would have been older for his first major title.

MvG takes Price out of the tournament

Already in the semi-finals there was a great duel between Gerwyn Price and Michael van Gerwen, “Mighty Mike” won 11: 8.

The Dutchman took some time to start, but after a 0: 3 start MvG found their way into the game and took the lead for the first time at 5: 4. After that, the momentum was back on the Welsh’s side, who pulled away again to 8: 6

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After that, however, the number one in the Order of Merit took command and won the final ticket with five legs in a row.

King outclasses the world champion

Peter Wright experienced a completely used day in the first semifinals. In the end, the world champion went down 4:10 against Mervyn King and at no time could not even begin to show why he is one of the best players in recent years.

In particular, his three-way average of 84.10 points and an indisputable checkout rate of 21 percent were miles away from the Scotsman’s normal performance.

For King it is the first TV final in six years.

The Final (Best of 21 Legs)

Mervyn King – Michael van Gerwen 10:11

The semi-finals at a glance (Best of 21 Legs)

Peter Wright – Mervyn King 4:11
Gerwyn Price – Michael van Gerwen 8:11

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