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The successful comedy with Dieter Hallervorden and Alwara Höfels becomes a series (PHOTO)

Munich (ots) The shooting of the six-part primetime series MEIN FREUND, DAS EKEL for ZDF is currently taking place in Berlin. The series continuation of the comedy of the same name is again cast with Dieter Hallervorden and Alwara Höfels in the leading roles. The story of the tyrannical retired Latin teacher and the single mother from a humble background was a hit in 2019. At the time, 8.09 million viewers wanted to see the comedy “My friend, that disgust”.

The forced community, consisting of Hintz (Dieter Hallervorden), Trixie (Alwara Höfels) and their three children, still lives in Hintz’s spacious old apartment in Charlottenburg. In the meantime they have become a well-coordinated team and the permanently agile wheelchair user has become downright milder with age in the presence of Trixie and her family. But one day Hintz ‘sister Elfie (Ursela Monn) and her new boyfriend Waldemar (Horst Günter Marx) stand in front of the door and also want to move into the apartment. There are clearly too many people in too little space.

After a violent argument with Hintz, Trixie clears the field with her children and is back on the street. Her last resort: the apartment of a friend who has been away from home in the prefabricated housing estate where she grew up. And to which she never wanted to go back for good reason. But Hintz also has to suffer, as Elfie’s new crush, an esoteric peace-loving man, is deliberately driving him mad with his guardianship. When Hintz then makes a fatal mistake out of anger, his very existence is also at stake. He has no choice but to knock at Trixie’s this time and ask for asylum …

Wolfgang Groos will direct the first three episodes. At the side of Dieter Hallervorden and Alwara Höfels, among others, Latisha Kohrs, Julius Gabriel Göze, Lior Kudrjawizki, Ursela Monn, Thorsten Merten, Franziska Troegner and Johannes Hallervorden play. The scripts for the series come from head writer Daniel Scotti-Rosin together with Viktoria Assenov, Julia Drache, Klaus Rohne and Dennis Eick. The format idea is from Dr. Franziska An der Gassen.

The six-part primetime comedy MEIN FREUND, DAS EKEL is a commissioned production by Rat Pack Filmproduktion in collaboration with An der Gassen Film for ZDF. The producers are Dr. Franziska An der Gassen and Christian Becker. The ZDF editorial team is Thorsten Ritsch and Corinna Marx. The shooting is expected to last until the end of February 2021. A broadcast date has not yet been set.

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