Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto separated: Model now together with Hells Angel


After five years it’s over: Frank Otto (63) and Nathalie Volk (23) are no longer a couple (archive picture).

Photo: Stephan Persch / dpa

What the 23-year-old says about the end of the Hamburg multi-millionaire. Volks’s new partner apparently has a criminal past.

Hamburg / Antalya. With heartfelt photos, she has already stirred up rumors, now she’s making it official: Nathalie Volk (23) is no longer with the Hamburg entrepreneur Frank Otto (63) but with one Rocker together. “East and I are a solid couple, “said the former candidate for” Germany’s Next Top Model “of” Bild “.

Nathalie Volks’s new friend: “Hells Angels” rocker Timur A.

In the past few months, Volk had shown himself to be alongside Timur A. on Instagram. They were just friends, it was said at the time. Three weeks ago, however, Volk published a photo of a bird tattoo, linked the rocker’s Instagram account under the picture and wrote “I love you”.

According to the report, the 42-year-old rocker belongs to the “Hells Angels” and was deported to Turkey in 2019 after he killed a member of the warring “Bandidos”. Timur A. now runs a tattoo studio in Antalya. Volk claims to have been living with her new boyfriend for a month.

Volk and Otto only celebrated a wedding ceremony in the USA last February. After five years of relationship, everything seems to be over between the model and the multi-millionaire. “Money is not everything,” said people on Sunday in their Instagram story. However, she left it open whether she was referring to the new media reports or her separation from Otto.

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Frank Otto and Nathalie Volk “still good friends”

The separation from the heir from the Hamburg entrepreneurial dynasty was peaceful, Volk affirmed. “Frank and I are still good friends and business partners, he believes in me and would like to continue promoting me as an artist,” she said to “Bild”. Volk has meanwhile taken on the stage name “Miranda DiGrande”.

Timur show her what love is. She feels protected with him. “I have found a new family who respect me and are loyal.”

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