Nathalie Volk is separated – and already has a neighbor!


Nathalie Volk (23) actually has a new partner! The former Germany’s next top model candidate was actually in a relationship with the millionaire Frank Otto (63). The two not only had wedding plans, but also baby plans. A few weeks ago, however, the brunette made headlines with a photo in which she posed with Hells Angels rocker Timur A. Well confirmed Nathalie: you and Frank are separated, instead she is now dating Timur!

“Timur and I are a solid couple”, the 23-year-old explained image. In September she had said the two were just good friends. In the meantime it has evidently become more. “Money is not everything and in this and in the next life I will give up everything I have for Timur because he shows me what love is and I feel protected with him”, she enthused about the new man at her side . Nathalie has been living with her lover in Turkey for a month.

Despite the separation, there is apparently no bad blood flowing between them Nathalie and her ex. “Frank and I are still good friends and business partners. He believes in me and wants to continue promoting me as an artist”the actress explained.

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Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto in August 2020
Nathalie Volk in 2014
Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto in October 2017 in Hamburg

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