National League: ZSC struggles with Langnau, but is the new leader


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The ZSC wins at home against the SCL Tigers and takes the lead in the table.

Source: Marc Schumacher / freshfocus

Fredrik Pettersson gives the home side the lead in the first third.
Fredrik Pettersson gives the home side the lead in the first third.

Source: Marc Schumacher / freshfocus

Justin Sigrist increased Lions leadership.  The ZSC hit the goal frame four times in the second third alone.

Justin Sigrist increased Lions leadership. The ZSC hit the goal frame four times in the second third alone.

Source: Marc Schumacher / freshfocus

The ZSC Lions thus remain undefeated after their return from quarantine and, thanks to their narrow 2-1 home win against the SCL Tigers, they achieved their fourth victory in a row. For the Emmentaler it was the ninth defeat in the eleventh game of the season.

Although the Zurich team took the lead in the 6th minute with an outnumbered goal by Fredrik Pettersson, who had recently regained their strength, they then made it difficult to expand the score despite their superiority. They had to complain about three metal hits from Tim Berni (10th), Roman Wick (30th) and Raphael Prassl (37th). The groundbreaking 2-0 was made by Justin Sigrist in the 39th minute, who was completely forgotten in front of the Langnauer goal.

Flüeler recognized the signs of the times

Leading the way, but not yet decisive. Because the SCL Tigers reported back with the 1: 2 from Sturny (57th). And so in the end the ZSC actually needed a great Lukas Flüeler in goal to bring the narrow victory over the round and ultimately get away with a black eye. After the three-time ZSC championship goal unexpectedly had to queue up behind the convincing Ludovic Waeber at the beginning of the season, he seems to have recognized the signs of the times in good time. In the last few games Flüeler impressed with top performances.

Friborg runs into Lausanne into the open knife

In the top game, Lausanne had a clear 6-1 win over Friborg. For the Vaudois it was the return to championship operation after a quarantine period from November 9th to 21st. They have certainly not lost their strong form in their own four walls, in the Romand derby they achieved their sixth victory in a row. Meanwhile, Friborg was replaced by the defeat in Lausanne by the ZSC Lions as leaders.

Gottéron was clearly better at the beginning and created a large number of chances, but failed again and again due to the strong Lausanne goalie Tobias Stephan. The shot ratio in the first third was 18: 8 in favor of Freiburg, but the score from their point of view was 0: 3. The Saanestädter ran the opponent into the open knife, Lausanne’s Tim Bozon and Christoph Bertschy appeared alone in front of the opposing goal in 1-0 and 2-0. And after Cory Conacher, Brian Gibbons and again Bertschy made it 5-0 by the 26th minute, the game was decided prematurely.

Servette with third defeat in a row

Servette, on the other hand, fell into a small bear market after a convincing start to the season. In the 2-0 draw against Lugano, Geneva lost for the third time in a row, while the Ticino celebrated their fourth success in a row, overtaking their opponents in the table and moving up to 5th place. Luca Fazzini had put Lugano in the lead with his fifth goal of the season in the 33rd minute. It stayed that way until Dario Bürgler hit the empty goal 26 seconds before the end. (times)


ZSC Lions – SCL Tigers 2:1 (1:0, 1:0, 0:1)

SR Wiegand / Hungerbühler, Schlegel / Steenstra (CAN). – Goals: 7. Pettersson (Noreau / Powerplaytor) 1-0. 39.Sigrist (Krüger) 2-0. 57. Sturny (Grossniklaus) 2: 1. – Penalties: 1 time 2 minutes against ZSC Lions, 4 times 2 minutes against SCL Tigers. – PostFinance top scorer: Hollenstein; Maxwell.

ZSC Lions: Flüeler; Noreau, Marti; Phil Baltisberger, Geering; Trutmann, Berni; Morant; Chris Baltisberger, Roe, Andrighetto; Pettersson, Kruger, Sigrist; Bodenmann, Pius Suter, Hollenstein; Pedretti, Prassl, Wick; Simic.

SCL Tigers: Punnenovs; Glauser, Brannström; Blaser, Schilt; Huguenin, Lardi; Grossniklaus; Neukom, Nolan Diem, Berger; Julian Schmutz, Maxwell, Sturny; Andersons, Melnalksnis, In-Albon; Earl, Flavio Schmutz, Dostoinov.

Comments: ZSC Lions without Blindenbacher, Capaul, Dominik Diem (all injured), Rossi and Schäppi (both sick), SCL Tigers without Weibel, Zaetta (both sick) and Salzgeber (injured). SCL Tigers from 58:29 to 58:54 and from 59:00 without goalkeepers.

Lausanne – Friborg-Gottéron 6: 1 (3: 0, 3: 0, 0: 1)

SR Lemelin (USA) / Müller, Progin / Duarte. – Goals: 7th Bozon 1-0. 19. (18:04) Bertschy (Frick) 2-0. 20. (19:28) Conacher (Gibbons, Malgin) 3: 0. 24. Gibbons (Conacher, Barberio) 4: 0. 26. Bertschy (Emmerton) 5-0. 28. Emmerton (Barberio, Bertschy) 6-0. 52.Walser (Jecker) 6: 1. – Penalties: 1 time 2 minutes against Lausanne, 1 time 2 plus 10 minutes (Kamerzin) against Friborg-Gottéron. – PostFinance top scorer: Malgin; Stalberg.

Lausanne: Stephan; Genazzi, Barberio; Heldner, Frick; Grossmann, Marti; Krueger, Leone; Conacher, Malgin, Gibbons; Bertschy, Emmerton, Kenins; Bozon, Jooris, Almond; Jäger, Maillard, Douay.

Friborg-Gottéron: Berra; Sutter, Jecker; Gunderson, Chavaillaz; Aebischer, Abplanalp; Schaller, Kamerzin; Stalberg, Desharnais, Mottet; Sprunger, Schmid, DiDomenico; Bougro, Bykov, gentlemen; Rossi, Walser, Jörg.

Comments: Lausanne without Hudon (surplus foreigner), Friborg-Gottéron without Furrer, Hughes, Jobin, Marchon (all injured) and Brodin (surplus foreigner).

Lugano – Geneva-Servette 2: 0 (0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 0)

SR Salonen (FIN) / Fluri, Fuchs / Wolf. – Goals: 33rd Fazzini (Kurashev, Herburger / Powerplaytor) 1-0. 60. (59:34) Bürgler 2: 0 (into the empty goal). – Penalties: 2 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Traber) against Lugano, 2 times 2 minutes against Genève-Servette. – PostFinance top scorer: Arcobello; Omark.

Lugano: Schlegel; Heed, Riva; Loeffel, Wellinger; Nodari, wolf; Trotter, Chiesa; Bödker, Arcobello, Morini; Fazzini, Kurashev, Bertaggia; Bürgler, Lajunen, Suri; Walker, Sannitz, Herburger.

Geneva-Servette: Descloux; Jacquemet, Tömmernes; Karrer, Maurer; Völlmin, Le Coultre; Mercier; Moy, Fehr, Winnik; Damien Riat, Vermin, Omark; Arnaud Riat, Smirnovs, Rod; Fritsche, Berthon, Vouillamoz; Miranda.

Comments: Lugano without Zurkirchen (injured), Genève-Servette without Patry and Richard (both injured). Genève-Servette from 58:33 to 59:34 without a goalkeeper.

Ranking list:

1. ZSC Lions 14/26. 2. Lausanne 11/25. 3. Friborg-Gottéron 13/24. 4th train 10/22. 5. Lugano 10/20. 6th Genève Servette 11/19. 7. Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 13/17. 8. Ambri-Piotta 14/14. 9. Bern 12/13. 10th Biel 11/12. 11th SCL Tigers 11/8. 12. Davos 8/7.

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