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Loacker / Huber: Advances in research mean that HIV no longer has to be a death sentence – if you know its status!

Vienna / Salzburg (OTS) On the occasion of World AIDS Day on December 1st, NEOS health spokesman Gerald Loacker and NEOS Salzburg health spokesman Sebastian Huber emphasize the importance of intensive educational work on the subject of AIDS and HIV, but also on AIDS and Corona. “Thanks to decades of pharmaceutical research, it was possible to ensure that infection with HIV no longer has to be a death sentence. Rather, through progress, it means an easily treatable chronic disease with which one can lead a reasonably normal life. That is wonderful – and yet: Precisely because modern medicine is becoming more and more progressive, it is all the more important not to neglect the educational work. “

Knowing about the risks and one’s own HIV status can make the difference between life and death, emphasizes Loacker: “The number of new infections is still too high. As a result, we need to have a clear focus on education. Because in order to enable a relatively healthy life and to prevent the outbreak of the full AIDS picture, it is necessary to recognize it as early as possible and thus start therapy as early as possible. A test does not take long and provides clarity, ”he appeals. “In this country between 8,000 and 9,000 Austrians live with HIV / AIDS. Stigmatization or discrimination in the workplace or among friends and family is often much more stressful for people than the illness itself. We have to make sure that no one is excluded because of their illness. ”

Sebastian Huber, NEOS-Salzburg health spokesman, second president of the state parliament and a specialist in internal medicine, who is practicing civilian medicine, appeals to those affected to keep an eye on HIV infection even in times of corona: “Almost all scientific studies and examinations since the first corona wave show that HIV patients do not have an increased risk of corona infection with adequate antiviral therapy. But they have to be ‘well adjusted’, i.e. take their medication reliably in order to have a sufficient number of helper cells. The possibility of a quarantine should also be considered. I recommend HIV patients to stock up on an additional supply of antiretroviral drugs. “

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