New Fritz! OS for 7 repeaters


AVM is now providing updates for various Fritz! Box repeaters for download. The new Fritz! OS offers, among other things, improvements in WiFi and in combination with Sonos.

Various Fritz! Box repeaters from AVM benefit from the new operating system updates. With the new Fritz! OS, WLAN security has not only been increased with the new WPA3 encryption standard on some models. In addition, other models now have a simplified login to the user interface with a Fritz! Box user account. The OS update affects the following Fritz! Box devices:

An overview of the exact specifications of the individual models and their updates can be found at AVM. With the update to the Fritz! OS version 7.13, the compatibility with Sonos multiroom speaker systems has been improved, according to AVM. Both the Fritz! Repeater 310 and the Fritz! Repeater 450E benefit from this. In addition, the new operating system enables the Fritz! Repeater 1160 to log into the user interface with a FRITZ! Box user account.

In addition, Fritz! OS 7.21 is now available for download for the Fritz! Repeater 1200 and the Fritz! WLAN Repeater 1750E. New features of this update are, on the one hand, the support for encryption according to the WPA3 standard (SAE). On the other hand, the “WPA3 / WPA2 Transition Mode” is also supported when set up via the user interface. In addition, it is now possible to automatically set up the “LAN bridge” mode for repeaters in the factory settings. A full overview of the new features and improvements in Fritz! OS 7.21 is available from AVM.

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