New FRITZ! OS for various repeaters


** New features: **

– ** NEW ** Support of encryption according to WPA3 standard (SAE) (1)
– ** NEW ** Support of the “WPA3 / WPA2 Transition Mode” when setting up via the user interface
– ** NEW ** Automatic setup of the “LAN bridge” operating mode for repeaters in factory settings (2)

** Improvements and changes with FRITZ! OS 7.21 **

– ** Improvement ** Stability improved
– ** Improvement ** If you first press the button on the FRITZ! Box and then the button on the repeater to integrate the repeater into the Mesh, the successful integration is indicated by the LED on the repeater flashing briefly
– ** Fixed ** With a repeater connected to the FRITZ! Box via LAN Sometimes an invalid IP address is assigned after a restart
– ** Fixed ** In rare situations, the 5 GHz connection to the FRITZ! Box could be permanently lost
– ** Fixed ** When registering at a Telecom router Speedport Smart 3 by pressing a button (WPS), the FRITZ! Repeater u. Sometimes only connected via 2.4 GHz for a while

# Further improvements and changes with FRITZ! OS 7.20

– ** Improvement ** Automatic completion of the repeater connection for FRITZ! Repeater with two WLAN bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) if only one band is connected
– ** Improvement ** Simplified login to the user interface of the FRITZ! Repeater (dropdown menu and default setting for the user name)
– ** Improvement ** Event messages for WPA3 extended
– ** Improvement ** Compatibility with Sonos multiroom systems improved
– ** Improvement ** Support of the setup at the push of a button (WPS) against base stations that only use 5 GHz WLAN
– ** Improvement ** Messages about WLAN (“System / Events”) improved
– ** Improvement ** Page for FRITZ! Box support expanded to include the option to send support data directly to AVM
– ** Change ** For repeaters in the Mesh without their own password, the user name and password of the FRITZ! Box are requested when the user interface is called
– ** Change ** For repeaters without their own password that are not activated for Mesh, a password is requested when the user interface is called up
– ** Change ** Removed option to back up and restore settings
– ** Change ** Outdated WPA / TKIP encryption removed

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