New infections from family reunions: USA fear additional corona wave after Thanksgiving – politics


According to the renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci, the corona pandemic is expected to worsen by the end of the year in the USA. It is not too late to take countermeasures, but due to the Thanksgiving holiday and more travel, a further increase in new infections can be expected, Fauci told NBC on Sunday.

“Unfortunately, what we expect with a look to the next few weeks in December is that we could have a new wave – in addition to the one we are already in,” said Fauci.

The health authorities have asked to avoid larger meetings for Thanksgiving, “as difficult as that is,” said Fauci. But people didn’t all stick to it.

“I don’t want to scare people. It’s not too late to do something, ”said Fauci. He advised that when traveling after the Thanksgiving holiday, you should follow necessary precautions such as wearing masks and keeping your distance.

Experts like Fauci had already anticipated an increase in infections across the country on Thursday with the holiday Thanksgiving, the most important family celebration for Americans, due to many trips and family get-togethers. The same applies to the upcoming Christmas holidays, said Fauci. The prominent immunologist is also a member of the White House’s corona working group.

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