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The news about the coronavirus

The federal and state governments agree on new corona measures. The partial lockdown will be extended as expected. There are tightenings for the retail trade, among other things. The gastronomy will be closed until at least December 20th. Meetings are only allowed with one other household with a maximum of five people. Children up to 14 years are not counted. Which rules will apply in the future. How Merkel and the prime minister negotiated, writes Nico Fried. Read here what the federal-state resolutions mean for Bavaria.

Criticism of Corona resolutions. After the easing at Christmas, doctors fear rising numbers of infections in January. Teachers want a stricter mask requirement. News from Germany at a glance

EXCLUSIVE Uniform digital systems for health authorities could have come in March. The tools have been available for a long time, but will only be introduced now. However, the offices are currently overloaded and, due to the high number of infections, are barely able to change their processes, says the Green politician Maria Klein-Schmeink. “A strategic setup should have been managed since the spring.” Read the text with SZ Plus.

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Trauer a Diego Maradona. He was one of the best footballers in history, lived ten lives in one and walked between heaven and hell for years. He was the most human of the gods, writes Javier Cáceres in his obituary (SZ Plus). The death of Maradona, who turned 60, puts Argentina in a state of shock. There he was more than just an exceptional athlete, writes Christoph Gurk about someone who was immortal before he died. Argentina’s president orders three days of national mourning. Pelé hopes to meet in heaven. The reactions. The pictures of a moving football experience can be found here.

Trump pardons his former security advisor Michael Flynn. He had pleaded guilty to the investigation into the Russia affair. The outgoing US president is now reciprocating one of his earliest supporters. More pardons for Trump companions could follow, writes Alan Cassidy. The Democrats speak of “abuse of power”.

The court dismisses the Ramstein lawsuit. The US also handles drone missions via its Ramstein Air Base. Three Yemenis had therefore tried to force Washington in Germany to comply with international law – in vain. By Wolfgang Janisch

EXCLUSIVE Designated employer boss Rainer Dulger calls for longer work and reforms. “Germany has one of the highest corporate taxes and wage costs, but at the same time one of the worst infrastructures.” He also proposes that the constitution should fix social security contributions below 40 percent of wages. The previous general metal boss Dulger is to follow Ingo Kramer at the head of the Federal Association of Employers’ Associations (BDA) on Thursday. To the text by Alexander Hagelüken

Champions League: Bayern Munich advance to the last sixteen. In the 3-1 win against Salzburg, the defense is not always sovereign, writes Sebastian Fischer. The Spaniard Roca makes a good starting XI debut – until he sees yellow-red. FC Bayern in the individual review. Mönchengladbach wins 4-0 against Donetsk. Some Borussians now even consider group victory over Real Madrid possible, reports Ulrich Hartmann.

What will be important

Merkel issues government statement on the corona pandemic. In the Bundestag, the Chancellor wants to explain the course of the federal and state governments discussed on Wednesday with the Prime Minister for the weeks until the end of the year. This will be followed by an approximately 90-minute discussion.

Federal Court of Justice is negotiating an appeal on the Düsseldorf Wehrhahn attack. When a pipe bomb exploded in 2000 at the Wehrhahn S-Bahn station, ten language students were injured, some of them life-threateningly, and one unborn baby died. A late trial ended in 2018 with the suspect’s acquittal due to a lack of evidence. On Thursday the BGH will review this judgment again.

Federal Court of Justice clarifies information obligations of Internet traders. In a further proceeding, the BGH is advising how precise online retailers have to provide information about guarantees. The question arises as to whether a link to product information from the manufacturer with a guarantee notice is sufficient. This was preceded by a legal dispute between two online retailers who offer pocket knives.

Federal Drug Commissioner Ludwig presents the annual report. In view of the corona crisis, the CSU politicians and addiction aid associations are urging that support offers be maintained despite tightened everyday restrictions. The focus is also on the dangers of alcohol and smoking. The number of drug deaths in Germany has recently risen again. 1398 people died last year because of the use of illegal substances. Overdoses of opioids such as heroin and morphine continue to be the most common cause.

Europa League: Hoffenheim and Leverkusen aim for knockout round. Leverkusen are the clear favorites in the home game against the Israeli cup winner Hapoel Be’er Sheva. TSG 1899 Hoffenheim can already move into the next round with a draw at FC Slovan Liberec in the fourth Europa League game.

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How sea rescuers returned a couple’s wedding rings. In an empty wooden boat off the coast of Lampedusa, sea rescuers find a backpack; in it, among other belongings, two wedding rings. The rescuers suspect the worst: that their owners drowned while fleeing across the sea. You want to find relatives on social media. The story about an Algerian couple in love is heartwarming – and its aftertaste is particularly bitter. By Oliver Meiler

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