Next week will bring the first snow in the plains – Austria


Snow is expected in the lowlands next week.

In the lowlands, snow is expected in the coming week. Generally it will be wintry.

The coming week will be wintry and bring the first snow in the lowlands, according to the forecast of the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) on Sunday. At the beginning there are still dense cloud fields in Lower Austria and Vienna as well as in Northern Burgenland in the morning. A few raindrops or snowflakes can fall, especially in the Weinviertel, the snow line is at locations around 300 meters.

In the course of the day, the sun sometimes comes out. Otherwise, the sun often shines over Austria, and the fog and high fog fields in the southern basin or on Lake Constance are still thinning. Daily maximum temperatures of one to six degrees.

Snowfall spreads on Tuesday

With a frontal zone, dense cloud fields reach Austria from the west on Tuesdays and rain and snowfall spread. The snow line is between 400 and 700 meters above sea level. After morning frost, especially in western Alpine valleys, there is a temporary risk of ice build-up due to freezing rain. Towards the east and south, the sun shines even more frequently at first, with the exception of fog and high fog zones, before the cloud fields gradually arrive here as well. But it stays dry until the evening with maximum daily temperatures of minus 2 to plus 4 degrees.

In the west and on the north side of the Alps, Wednesday starts with residual clouds, at times it can snow a little. In the east and south, on the other hand, the sun initially shines next to some high cloud fields. While the weather improves during the day in the west and north, more cloud fields appear again in the south and later in the east. From the evening hours and during the night, snowfall spreads from the south. Daily maximum temperatures of minus one to plus four degrees.

On Thursday the clouds predominate

With a low in the south, clouds predominate in large parts of the country on Thursday. It remains largely free of precipitation only in the extreme west and partly in the north. The sun even comes out a little during the day. On the south side of the Alps and in the east, however, the clouds consistently predominate and it snows again and again, mostly in the south-east. The snowfall line is often at low altitudes, but in the western part of the Alps it is sometimes around 700 meters. It gets a maximum of minus two to plus three degrees.

In large parts of the country, the sunshine often quickly asserts itself on Fridays. Only on the south side of the Alps, in the south-west, the clouds gradually build up with the foehn-like south current. It also starts to snow and rain here during the day. The snow line is around 800 meters. Daily maximum temperatures from zero to five degrees.

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