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And it’s all over again! TV celebrity Nico Schwanz and his girlfriend Julia separated shortly before their child was born.

Nico Schwanz (“Jungle Camp”) announced on Instagram that he and his pregnant friend Julia Prokopy (“Bachelor”) have ended their relationship. “Dear ones, many of you have suspected it for a long time, we would like to make a one-off statement on this today. Julia and I have split up,” he clarifies.

Child comes first

The (ex) couple had already separated once this year. When they found out about Juliet’s pregnancy, they wanted to give their love a second chance. But the plan didn’t work out. “We both think that, despite trying again, it just isn’t enough for a long-term relationship,” explains Nico. The two are said to have parted on good terms. “Our child together now comes first,” emphasizes the 42-year-old.

Julia is now seven months pregnant. “As stupid as it sounds, the rubber has burst,” Nico told the “Bild” newspaper in October. “We just made love too hard and too often,” he continued.

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