Night of riot in Stuttgart: Police determined 120 suspects


One week after the night of the riot in Stuttgart in the summer, the police checked young people (archive picture): The investigators have now identified 120 suspects who are said to have participated in the riots. (Source: Lichtgut / imago images)

The number of suspects who have been identified by the police after the night of the Stuttgart riot continues to rise. Hundreds of suspected rioters have been identified.

The Eckensee police investigation group in Stuttgart has now identified 120 suspects who are said to have been involved in the riots in the state capital in June this year. The police announced this on Facebook.

According to this, 113 of the suspects are said to have participated directly in the riots on the night of June 21, and seven more are said to have owned or offered looted objects. A suspect is also said to have dealt with drugs, which is why the police searched his home last week.

Two more arrests

According to the information, 22 of the suspects are in pre-trial detention, 45 have already been allowed to leave them under certain conditions. Most recently, according to the announcement, there were two new arrests on Thursday. One of them is only 16 years old and is accused of kicking a police car. The other suspect, a 22-year-old, allegedly hit the window of one store and looted another.

The police are still investigating the riots in June, in which a rampaging mob had roamed downtown Stuttgart and destroyed shop windows, looted shops and damaged cars.

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