Nikola: New GM deal crashes stock again – no stake, no badger, no fantasy


Actually Nikola and General Motors wanted to let the cat out of the bag on Thursday for their deal. However, the new cooperation has already been announced today and it is significantly smaller than the original plan, which is sending the share down again. Before the trading session, the Nikola papers lose around 17 percent.

No participation – no badger

Now it becomes a little clear why the new Nikola boss Mark Russel has recently always pointed out that the Pick-Up Badger is actually just extra income and that the main focus is on the production of e-trucks. Not much is left of the original deal that GM and Nikola aimed for in mid-September. At that time, it was considered that the established US carmaker would secure 11 percent of the Nikola shares for around 2 billion dollars, build the Pick-Up Badger and provide the truck specialist with its battery technology. Now the situation looks completely different.

GM does not participate in Nikola and does not build the Nikola Badger. With that, no 2 billion dollars should flow into Nikola’s account. The bottom line is that there is a small agreement that regulates cooperation in the field of fuel cell technology. Significantly less than originally planned.

Investors are disappointed

The new agreement between GM and Nikola doesn’t sound too good for the truck specialist. It looks more like a partnership of convenience so that both sides can save face after the original plan was torpedoed by the Hindenburg Research Short attack.

Since the first plan has now been trimmed to a minimum, the doubts about the success of the Nikola trucks are growing again and the Badger fantasy is completely out of the stock for now.

Editorial manager Markus Weingran had already advised investors to stand at the edge of the page at mealtimes until a decision on the GM deal was made. In tomorrow’s edition he will certainly take another closer look at the stock.

Until then, you can take a look at today’s episode. Among other things, there is a French figure that is slowly but surely gaining a foothold in the hydrogen industry with three good pieces of news and today announced a cooperation with Plug Power.

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