No breaks, one night in the hospital


( – Romain Grosjean was apparently lucky: he was only slightly injured in his serious accident in the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix. Because the suspicion of broken bones was not confirmed on site in the hospital. It stayed with burns on his hands.

Romain Grosjean reported from the hospital via video message Zoom

Haas team boss Günther Steiner confirms this information on ‘Sky’ and claims to have called Grosjean in the hospital. His impression: “He is in his right mind, he is fine. He himself told me he felt fine. He was in good spirits, I would say, and happy.”

Grosjean flew off at over 200 km / h after contact with AlphaTauri driver Daniil Kwjat and hit the barriers. The impact was 53 g and Grosjean’s racing car buried its way through the guardrails, where it immediately went up in flames. The Formula 1 driver sustained his injuries. (Read more details about the course of the accident here!)

A night in the hospital is a must

“He is now staying in the hospital overnight,” says Steiner. “We’ll see everything else tomorrow when we talk to the doctors.”

Photo gallery: Romain Grosjean’s fire accident in Bahrain 2020

To talk about a possible comeback – Formula 1 will be back in Bahrain next weekend – would be too early. “The way I know him, he wants to get involved again,” says Steiner.

“But we’ll see that tomorrow when you take off the bandages. He has no idea what his hands look like.”

Grosjean with a video message from the hospital bed

“At the moment the good thing is that nothing bad has happened. Of course it wasn’t good, but he’s okay, he’s healthy,” said the Formula 1 team boss.

Grosjean himself confirmed this in a short video message on social networks. There he said, “Hi everyone. I just wanted to say: I’m fine, somehow. Thanks for all the messages!”

“A few years ago I was against Halo, but without Halo I couldn’t speak to you now. So: thank you! Thanks to all the helpers on the track and in the hospital. Hopefully I can reply to your messages soon and let you know how I feel.”

How the family found out about the accident

Steiner also explained how Grosjean’s family, the wife and three children, had learned of the misfortune and condition of Grosjean: “His physiotherapist informed his wife immediately. They know each other well, so he brought the news to her.”

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Grosjean later had telephone contact with the family himself. “I had already tried to reach him when he was just talking to his son, they said. That is good,” says Steiner. “I think everything is under control.”

At the hospital, Grosjean has already received a visit from FIA President Jean Todt. Todt had previously tweeted: “I’m so relieved that Romain Grosjean is fine.”

And: “Thanks to Dr. Ian Roberts and the FIA ​​teams for their courageous and efficient work. Safety has always been our top priority, and it will continue to be so.”

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