No kidney stone surgery? Maren Wolf gives health update


Can Maren (28) and her husband Tobias Wolf finally take a deep breath? Last week, the YouTuber was treated in hospital for a kidney stone that caused dangerous kidney congestion. After a catheter was placed and the urine could flow out of the kidney, the young mother was allowed to go home to her family over the weekend. The problem with the kidney stone was not yet resolved at this point. The doctors explained: If the stone is not eliminated by itself at the weekend, it will have to be surgically removed – but Maren was obviously lucky in the misfortune!

In your Instagram-Story, the 28-year-old now brought her community up to date. “Actually, I would have woken up from the operating room now,” she greeted her followers a few hours ago. At the weekend she found something in the toilet that looked like a kidney stone – and this morning the doctors confirmed what she had already suspected: she got rid of the annoying companion naturally. “I’m glad I don’t have to have an operation, thank God”, Maren was happy.

Despite this good news, Maren has to stay in the clinic until Tuesday for observation. “Such a solution has just been used to see whether my kidney is draining, but it is a bit slow, which is why I have to stay here one more night,” the influencer explained to her fans. If this works perfectly in the next few hours and there is no pain or fever, Maren will be discharged and hopefully the kidney stone and its consequences will be rid of once and for all.

Maren Wolf in the hospital
Maren Wolf in her new house
Tobias and Maren Wolf with their little son Lyan River

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