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For the first time ever, the city of St.Gallen has a woman at the helm. Even the elected woman is a little surprised.

The bourgeois St.Gallen has elected a woman to the city council for the first time – a left, a seconda. Maria Pappa prevailed against the challenger Mathias Gabathuler from the FDP.

The 49-year-old is politically a whiz kid. After only four years in the city parliament, the trained social pedagogue was elected to the St. Gallen city government, the city council, in 2016. She did a good job there. Yesterday she was rewarded for it.

Almost always in the hands of the FDP

Even Maria Pappa herself seems a bit incredulous: “Ten years ago I wasn’t even in politics and now as a seconda and as a woman I am even mayor in this city, which is dominated by the bourgeoisie. That is actually a great pleasure and surprise. ”

With two exceptions, the city council of St. Gallen was always in the hands of the FDP. The city council was also dominated by the bourgeoisie for a long time and until the mid-1980s there were only men in the city government.

Six years ago there was finally the slide to the left and now the fall of the last bastion. The city council goes to a woman. In addition, a seconda with roots in southern Italy.

New style of communication

Pappa is convinced that this will change communication in the St. Gallen city council. “I have a different biography, a different way of meeting people, of talking to people and involving them in projects,” she believes.

The St. Gallen city council now consists of two members of the SP, one member each from the Green Liberals and one from the FDP and one non-party member – two women and three men.

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