Noise on the Berlin Havel: Techno, Raser, Remmidemmi – districts – Berlin



Most of them behave normally. However, party boats and speeders, which are not considerate of nature, are problematic.Photo: Imago

Idyll? Iwo. The Havel between Scharfer Lanke and Wannsee was more of a floating fair this year. Techno, speeder, Remmidemmi. But first things first: the summer was fast enough.

“It’s no longer bearable,” complained residents in the Tagesspiegel and reported that the noise had increased enormously. As soon as the words were out, a wave broke out. Letters to the editor reached the newsletter editors without end: pastors, neighbors, rowers, motorboat drivers – they all complained about the volume, which had increased enormously in the corona summer 2020.

Politicians first gave a tired shrug. Tenor: well-known problem, has always been that way, next topic.

But when the Berlin waterway police got involved in the newsletter debate with clear words and demanded clear rules of politics, it became clear: There really is a problem in the southwest of Berlin.

The focus: First, the techno ships, which anyone can rent and whose hum can be heard from miles from the water. The second problem, on the other hand, is the motorboat show-offs who make noise across the water at the same time in the afternoon. Always only three or four boats – always Rööööhr. “I can sit down on the autobahn with the folding chair,” puffed a resident of Wannsee.

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Summer is long gone, but discussions are still going on – letters show that, small talk at the port shows. The Spandau member of the Bundestag Swen Schulz, SPD, raised the issue on the political agenda in autumn. “I heard about the problem of the citizens, I read the statement of the Berlin police in the Spandau newsletter. So I wanted to hear the opinion of the Minister of Transport on this. After all, a problem solution has to be found, right? ”

[Hallo, ist jemand zuständig?! Im Nordhafen Spandau liegen fünf Schrottschiffe: Bezirke, Senat, Polizei sind genervt – und weil keiner zuständig sein will, bleiben die Boote jetzt für immer. Lesen Sie mehr dazu im aktuellen Spandau-Newsletter]

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So Swen Schulz wrote to Transport Minister Andy Scheuer, CSU – and he promptly replied: “Subject: Noise pollution on federal waterways in Berlin.” That is at the top of the reply letter. “Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer thanks for your letter and asked me to answer you.”

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