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While Apple has canceled its Airpower charging station, the manufacturer Nomad shows that it is possible to wirelessly charge multiple devices anywhere on a charging dock.

With the Airpower charging station, Apple had announced an innovative charging plate for up to three devices that can be placed on it for wireless charging. The product never made it onto the market because of heat problems, among other things. The launch was officially canceled in April 2019. Now the US accessory manufacturer Nomad is showing a similar solution with its Qi charging station Base Station Pro, which could be implemented with the so-called Freepower technology from the startup Aira.

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Nomad Base Station Pro: Charge up to 3 devices wirelessly

As Nomad explains, the Base Station Pro can be used to charge up to three Qi wireless-enabled devices without having to be placed exactly on the charging surface. This distinguishes the product from other wireless charging solutions on the market, where the user has to make sure that the smartphone is exactly positioned.

Nomad Base Station Pro with Freepower technology. (Image: Nomad)

The new solution is implemented using a technology from the US startup Aira Power. Instead of classic charging coils that are arranged side by side, Aira integrates 18 coils on one circuit board. The station is to recognize the position of the smartphone or other compatible device using a “Freepower algorithm” developed by Aira and thus supply it with power precisely, explains Nomad.

All Apple products with Qi wireless support such as iPhones, Airpods Pro and Airpods can currently be charged on the Base Station Pro, which is made of aluminum and leather. The charging plate also supports Samsung’s Galaxy models from the S10 and S20 series and other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8 and S9 as well as the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 20 (Ultra), the Galaxy Buds, Buds Live and Google Pixel 3 and 4, the old Nexus Tablet 7 and the Amazon Fire Tablet 7.

The company is also working on support for the Apple Watch – after a software update, Apple watches will also be able to be supplied with juice from 2021 via the charging pad and an additional holder. In contrast to the Apple solution, the charging station is not able to display the charge status of other devices on an iPhone.

Nomad Base Station Pro PCB

A look at the circuit board loading coils: Nomad Base Station Pro with Freepower technology. (Image: Nomad)

Nomad Base Station Pro: Freepower charging mat charges with a maximum of 7.5 watts

As far as the charging power of the charging station, which is supplied with a 30-watt power supply, is concerned, it does not deliver more than 7.5 watts for iPhones. Other products can only be charged with five watts – in view of the fact that Samsung smartphones with corresponding charging stations can be charged wirelessly with up to 15 watts and the Oneplus 8 Pro (test) using a proprietary solution with up to 30 watts, that is not a lot. The performance should be enough for owners of iPhones up to iPhone 11 and Airpods. The iPhone 12 models, however, already manage up to 15 watts via Magsafe. The performance should also be sufficient for owners of other devices that only want to charge them comfortably overnight anyway. The Standard version of the base drawer mat * without “Pro” and without Freepower technology supports up to ten watts.

Nomad Base Station Pro with Freepower technology. (Image: Nomad)

The Nomad Base Station Pro is now priced [affilate url=“dWKKLsVC8mg“]can be ordered from 249 euros[/affiliate], the mount for the Apple Watch should not appear until 2021. The base station will probably not be the only product with the new Freepower solution, as the manufacturer licenses its technology to third parties. According to Bloomberg, Apple allegedly also has a new charging mat in the works, but it is said to be technically far less ambitious than the Airpower solution.

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Article updated November 30, 2020.

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