Not cooler than 25 degrees: Sydney experiences the hottest November night


Not cooler than 25 degrees
Sydney experiences the hottest November night

The people in Sydney are used to hot summers, but the Sunday night dwarfs previous heat records at the beginning of summer: the city reports its hottest November night to date. The region in southeast Australia is currently plagued by an extreme heat wave.
Amid an extraordinary heat wave, Sydney experienced the hottest November night on record. According to the meteorologists, the temperature on Sunday night in Australia’s largest city did not drop below 25.3 degrees Celsius, at 4:30 in the morning it was again 30 degrees. The residents of the Australian state of New South Wales are currently suffering from a heat wave with daily highs of over 40 degrees.

In the southeast of the state, record temperatures of 43.2 degrees in Griffith and 45.7 degrees in Mildura were already measured during the day – the highest in November. There are always dangerous bush fires. Last year, violent fires raged in the state, burning down an area the size of Great Britain. At that time 33 people died and tens of thousands had to leave their homes.

Just two weeks ago, experts warned that the country would have to prepare for bushfires, droughts and cyclones in view of climate change. Australian Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison had repeatedly downplayed the connection between climate change and the fires. He wants to make Australia one of the world’s leading exporters of fossil fuels.

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