Now it’s getting absurd: Samsung gives you a second Galaxy smartphone for free when you buy one


In addition to numerous special offers, Samsung heralded a total of three campaigns during its Samsung BlackWeeks little by little. The first campaign where you could choose a device that you would get for free expired last week.

The Black Friday campaign called “This is how something will come of ’20”, where Samsung is selling the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and the S20 5G at a reduced price, is still valid until 11:59 pm this evening (more on that later). Also the bundles, where the second product is available for free – more on that later.

But the most recent campaign “Sharing is caring!” and “Two for one, all for one”, which only runs until 11:59 pm this evening. With the first campaign you buy a Galaxy S10 Plus with a whopping 1 TB of storage space and you actually get two of these super smartphones (click here to go directly to the campaign). The price is 990 euros including shipping. Individually, you currently have to pay around 570 euros per device on the open market, a total of 1,140 euros. So you save 141 euros on the Samsung deal, or rather 13 percent.
In the second, very similar offer, you buy a Galaxy A51, a very popular and powerful mid-range cell phone for 349 euros. Samsung will then give you a Galaxy A41 free of charge (click here for the action). Individually you have to pay at least 220 euros for the A51 and 190 euros for the A41 as the street price. So you save a total of 50 euros or 18 percent with Samsung.

Such deals and bundles are only worthwhile if you really have use for the second device. Alternatively, you can of course also try to sell the unneeded device on eBay and the like in its original packaging and with an invoice.

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