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Lisa and Michael’s wedding rings – selected by the groom himself. Photo: Sat1

It is Wednesday evening. It’s showtime. Today at 8:15 pm the new season “Wedding at first sight” starts a new round. Or rather a consequence. On Sat 1 we get married again, snog and unfortunately this year also pugned. The couples experience rollercoaster rides of emotions in front of the altar, but also on their honeymoon and when they get to know families.

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Daniela and René: Big tears before the wedding

The Daniela and René’s wedding anniversary starts with a good deal of excitement. Sure, after all, the two have never met. The romantic Daniela writes her “Mister X” a love letter even before the “wedding at first sight”. He is touched and hopes while putting on his suit that she sees him and shines. Will this hope come true? Or it is a bad omen that the groom talks to expert Markus Ernst about what happens if she says “no”.

In front of the altar, Daniela actually bursts into tears when she sees him for the first time. She turns away. Radiance definitely looks different. Is that the end before the yes-word?

Is it tears of joy or is Daniela backing down? Photo: Sat1

Emily and Robert: is this couple still getting the hang of it?

Your feelings are already weakening. She laughs at him for his choice of words. Embarrassed silence. Much love is apparently no longer in the air for Emily and Robert on their honeymoon. On a trip with two cute alpacas, Emily only has eyes for the animals – but not for her new husband. A crisis cannot be solved with an alpaca walk.

“It wasn’t a nice silence. It was so depressing, ”Emily explains later. The expert also feels the uncertainty. It promotes understanding among those who are not (yet) in love. While he is at least trying to convince himself of an “affection”, she starts to cry. In their eyes, nothing is left of the supposed perfection of the wedding day. “I don’t know why I can’t feel so comfortable around him anymore,” she sobs and feels more stressed every day.

She doesn’t want him near. This love really doesn’t seem to have a chance, not even after four days of honeymoon. The differences are too great. No base. No love. Only tears. And stress for Emily.

For the newlyweds they are Honeymoon “luckily made”. Nevertheless: Emily and Robert want to give each other another chance in the familiar environment. First in her home, her neat, nicely decorated apartment.

Big tears flow with Emily – the feelings are already gone. Photo: Sat1

Michael and Lisa: perfect match with a hot “wedding night”

There was a lot of speculation: How does Lisa know her “match” Michael, if it should be a “wedding at first sight”. Sure, she’s seen him somewhere before. The radiance is broad, the joy of seeing you again is enormous. “We had a match on a dating platform 1.5 years ago. And now he is here. I would say double match “Lisa grins from both ears. Fire and flame are both from the beginning. He speaks of the “match of the century”. A wedding kiss, the ring swap, another deep, long kiss. And another one. The two couldn’t keep their fingers off each other. Should the experts have been right here?

“That worked. When the two of them saw each other for the first time, the way they looked at each other … “- Groom father Peter can no longer control his emotions. If the wedding guests had their way, Lisa and Michael couldn’t have found a better partner.

One thing is certain: It is the second chance for the two who had more intensive contact after a match on a dating platform. Messages, phone calls – and then Lisa was too impatient and had broken off contact out of disappointment.

Now she is happy, finally! “I’m next to Michael for the first time and absolutely myself. I can be who I am,” Lisa explains happily. Butterflies in the stomach? But hello. And Michael is also on cloud nine.

No wonder there was a lot going on on their wedding night. Did the sex therapist do a good job? “Definitely,” both grin. They save us details. But it was very physical.

The honeymoon on Norderney is a paradise for the two lovebirds.

Said “yes”: Michael and Lisa. Photo: Sat 1

Wiebke and Norbert: Wiebke only gives love a 20 percent chance

The wedding night went anything but planned – namely with a visit to the emergency room. Checked off. After the wedding night is before the next, perhaps more romantic night. “We don’t want a one-night stand, we have a marriage ahead of us”, explains Norbert.

During a sailing trip, however, Wiebke Norbert admits that she actually wants to spend as little time as possible together. At least that’s how it comes across. “Not 24/7”, “I don’t care about birthdays”, “There won’t be an opportunity to see each other every weekend” – she throws all that at her new husband. He is almost speechless, but then says: “We’ll find a solution there.”

Are the mentalities just too different? On day two of the honeymoon at Scharmützelsee, at least this feeling comes up with Wiebke. And again the bride is easily snooty. In any case, she is not collecting sympathy points at the moment.

And he? Norbert tries to talk about trust, jealousy and feelings. What Wiebke promptly honors with a tough saying (“He makes claims to property”). The taunts never end.

Not even on an off-road tour through the forests of Brandenburg. She accuses him of being quick-tempered. He cannot and does not want to let that go and defends himself. The expert also recognizes: While Wiebke strikes a critical tone, Norbert is still trying everything to highlight the positive aspects of marriage. “I’m on the way to falling in love very hard,” admits Norbert with tears in his eyes at the end of the honeymoon and gives Wiebke (s) a heart. And she: only gives love a 20 percent chance.

Harmony looks different: With Wiebke and Norbert there are first discrepancies. Photo: Sat1

Annika and Manuel: That’s how the first night together went

The newly wed couple Annika and Manuel hardly get an eye on their wedding night. Sleeping in bed together for the first time – there was a lot of action. From one subject to another, the couple had a lot to discuss. And there was also one or the other tender touch. Long-term single Manuel is visibly intimidated by the situation. He admits: “I was shit before the first night. That was really strange, I hardly slept. “

Expert Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer visits the couple the next morning. In the luggage: the honeymoon! It’s going to Hamburg!

At a romantic dinner with a view of the Elbe, the still great distance get smaller. She takes the initiative, grabs his hand while walking. Does it suit him when he actually wants to be in control of everything? At least he doesn’t withdraw his hand. He knows: “I brood too much, I’m not an easy person.” And wants to try to build trust, to change to love her. In any case, at dinner it is obviously difficult to get into a conversation at all.

But the knot still bursts with the two. Annika and Manuel are starting to get closer, albeit slowly. He is happy to recognize her emotions. She is happy that he is learning to let go and trust her.

After the wedding, Annika and Manuel will go on their honeymoon in Hamburg. Photo: Sat1

+++ Warning, spoiler +++ Warning, spoiler +++ Warning, spoiler +++

“Wedding at first sight” fans can look forward to this tonight:

Wiebke and Norbert were previously considered the dream couple of the season. But The two of them, too, are slowly sliding down from cloud nine to the bottom of the facts. Wiebke suddenly finds her new husband “quick-tempered” and explains to him quite ripped off that she does not intend to want to see him every week. Doesn’t sound like the most romantic idea of ​​marriage. And then she also misplaces her wedding ring. How does Norbert react to that?

Dream or nightmare with a “wedding at first sight”? Wiebke missed her wedding ring shortly after the marriage. Photo: Sat1

And then they get married too. At least that’s the plan. The couples then have to say “yes” quite voluntarily – and that doesn’t seem certain this year.

When Daniela sees her “match” René for the first time, she immediately bursts into tears. Tears of joy? Or bitter disappointment? The groom sums it up: “In the end, she has to say ‘yes’. Everything before that doesn’t matter. “

And also with Lisa and Michael happens – you could say so – extraordinary for “wedding at first sight” fans. The two who are supposed to see each other in front of the altar for the first time, apparently already know each other. “My first thought when I saw him was: ‘I know him.'” Lisa admits. Where from, the audience should find out this evening.

The KURIER will keep you up to date. If there is snogging, pulling and getting married on Sat 1 from 8:15 pm, read it here first.

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