Now there are bad fears about the end of the lockdown – coronavirus


The countdown is on – the hard lockdown is still in place for exactly seven days. But now the rumors are increasing that even afterwards hardly anything will become normal.

Wednesday is “D-Day” for Austria – the government in the Council of Ministers wants to agree on opening steps after the second lockdown (the first in March lasted eight weeks). But now there are already increasing indications that the return to normal will only take place in mini-steps. In an interview with the “Kleine Zeitung”, Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz prepared the population for the unpleasant, unfamiliar December: “We will have to live with further massive restrictions after December 7th,” the head of government said. And declared: “We will certainly not be able to take any hasty opening steps.”

Sebastian Kurz: “After December 7th we will have to live with further massive restrictions.”

Sebastian KurzPicturedesk/Ronald Zak

Return to classes for little ones only

What that means? “Our goal is to start with trade and schools and to take careful opening steps.” Simultaneously with the opening of the retail trade for the Christmas business – this was what Kurz always promised – the schools will open again. As “Today” learned, but it should stay with face-to-face teaching for compulsory school. And here – as in spring – there could be class divisions. There is also the option of relying on external premises. High school and universities will probably stick to distance learning.

Curfew remains

The outlook for restaurants and bars remains bleak. They should not be opened in the first loosening step yet. The reason is simple: the daily corona numbers have not yet fallen sufficiently and relaxation in the intensive care units is extremely fragile. The curfews are also likely to remain for longer for the time being – but the variant of the “lockdown light” seems likely to be here – which only provides for massive restrictions during the night. The shutdown could also remain for hairdressers, cosmetic and tattoo studios and fitness centers.

➤ The topic of Christmas should also remain emotional. The fact is already now: The festival will be smaller this year than usual. As in Germany, it should actually be a quiet night in the closest circle.

All over? Anschober: “No”

Incidentally, Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) hit the same line as Kurz on Sunday. “Do you seriously think in 1 week everything will be over and we can ski happily?” He was asked on Twitter. Anschober’s honest answer: “No, but the lockdown will be over in 1 week. Therefore the lockdown will be finished”.

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