Now there’s ice and frost in Berlin and Brandenburg – BZ Berlin


In Berlin and Brandenburg it will be smooth and frosty at the beginning of this week.

As the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Monday morning, the week starts with cool temperatures and very cloudy. Towards the afternoon it loosens up on Monday. On the last day of November of the year, the maximum temperature is three degrees.

On Tuesday night, rain or sleet could come from Prignitz to the Elbe-Elster lowlands. At temperatures as low as minus three degrees, the rain freezes in some places. It should come to smoothness. Even on Tuesday morning, temperatures between one and five degrees are still at risk of ice.

Wednesday night remains dry, but cloudy. Near the ground there is light frost at temperatures of up to minus four degrees. Wednesday and Thursday also start cloudy at first.

As in the days before, it should loosen up again in the afternoon.

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