Nuclear scientist killed: New allegations against Israel


        After the fatal attack on the leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, new allegations against Israel are being raised from Iran.  According to an Iranian television report, an Israeli weapon was used in the attack.  The logo and features of the Israeli arms industry were discovered on it, the English-language Press TV reported on Monday, citing an unnamed source.        </p><div>
        <p>In addition to Israel, Iran also accused the opposition movement in exile of the People's Mujahideen of participating in the deadly attack.  The attack was an operation with "a completely new style and a completely new method," said the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, on Monday.  It was an attack "with electronic equipment" in which "nobody was present at the scene".  The People's Mujahideen "must have been involved," along with Israel, Shamkhani said.</p>            

The scientist was attacked on Friday in a car near the capital Tehran and later succumbed to his injuries. Iran accused archenemy Israel and the US of being behind the killing of Fakhrizadeh and threatens to retaliate. In western states and in Israel he was suspected of having been the architect of a covert nuclear weapons program.

At the same time, Iran wants to reduce tensions with the USA under Joe Biden’s presidency. “We don’t want to start a friendship, we just want to reduce unnecessary tension and hostility,” said Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a video interview with the news portal Entekhab on Monday. A rapprochement with the USA after Biden took office is in the interest of the country. Party political considerations should also not call this approximation into question.

He knew Biden as a senator from his time as Iranian ambassador to the United Nations in New York (2002-2007) and had also met him personally. “Biden has been involved in American foreign policy since the 1970s and knows it far better than (US President Donald) Trump,” said Zarif. In his opinion, there will be mistrust and differences between the two countries under Biden too, but far less than under Trump.

Fakhrizadeh was meanwhile buried in the capital Tehran. Because of the corona crisis, only family members of the physicist and high-ranking generals were allowed to attend the funeral. “Our enemies know that no crime in Iran will go unanswered and unpunished,” said Defense Minister Amir Hatami in the funeral speech. The “terrorists” should also know that being martyred in Iran is an honor. The fatal attack will not stop the progress of the Iranian nuclear program, since Fakhrizadeh’s path will be continued “even more consistently” by Iranian scientists.

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