One-two: Steffen Freund causes a racism scandal


He should have saved himself this faux pas. Ex-national player Steffen Freund, who became European champion with Germany in 1996, cranked himself up in the Sport 1 one-two on Sunday morning when he targeted the crisis-ridden Bundesliga bottom Schalke 04. The 50-year-old insinuated that two of the “Knappen” players were not able to do everything for the club because of their origins.

The target of Freund’s criticism were the Moroccan Amine Harit (23) and colleague Nabil Bentaleb (26), who has Algerian-French roots. Both were temporarily suspended by the club during the week, and there was talk of a pause for reflection. Freund suspects the two lack the ability to fight for Schalke.

“Malochen, that is the most important thing,” said Freund. “Every player has to be ready to pour out their hearts for the club. And then I’m with Harit, too, of course he can’t do that with these roots. “

Freund insinuates Bentaleb “certain indiscipline”

Friend said about Bentaleb that he knew him personally. The midfielder has “an incredible amount of talent” and “ended up at Schalke in the end, but is of French-Algerian origin”. And then you have to “know that a certain aggressiveness, including a lack of discipline, comes quickly when he is not the one who is set”.

Strong stuff, which immediately caused a stir in the net. Twitter user @goenntherjauch let it know: “Steffen Freund is so familiar with roots, maybe you should ask him as a plant expert at Moma. No, but without a joke: It is embarrassing that unfiltered racism needs Twitter to be noticed. I look forward to the consequences of dopa. “

Schalke 04 defends itself after the statements

Unfortunate statements from Freund, who also worked for the DFB from 2009 to 2012 and coached the U16 and U17 national teams. Schalke 04 reacted quickly to Freund’s statements. “The pause for thought for Harit and Bentaleb has nothing to do with their roots!”, The association announced via Twitter. “For us, that has basically nothing to do with the origin.”

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